EA boss and senior execs skip bonuses to give them to staff instead

EA CEO Andrew Wilson and others have elected not to take a company bonus but instead give the money to lower paid developers.

Everyone loves to hate EA, something that the publisher always seems to make easy with its very corporate behaviour and championing of controversial features such as loot boxes. But few people, or companies, are ever entirely bad, as proven by a new interview with boss Andrew Wilson.

Speaking to business website GameDaily.biz, Wilson discussed the recent cuts that lead to around 350 people losing their jobs, describing it as ‘the hardest decision you make as a leader’.

But although he didn’t mention it in the interview, the website later discovered that Wilson and executives Blake Jorgensen, Laura Miele, Ken Moss, and Chris Bruzzo had turned down personal performance bonuses and instead diverted the money into a pool for other employees.

Wilson alone received a bonus of $2.5 million in 2018 and while the exact amount is not known for this year the total amount redirected by EA execs reporting directly to him adds up to around $4.8 million.

If other execs, who do not directly report to Wilson, also gave up their bonuses then the amount could be even more.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened at EA either, with former chief design officer Patrick Söderlund having given a $20 million stock grant back to the company in 2018 to add to a pool of money for, amongst other things, new hires.

EA has around 10,000 staff worldwide and according to this new information may treat the majority of them better than many would’ve assumed.

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