EA Reportedly Working On Another Marvel Game Besides Black Panther

EA is apparently working on another single-player Marvel game besides the already rumored Black Panther title, according to industry insiders Jeff Grubb and Tom Henderson.

Grubb was the first to reveal this information during his Game Mess Mornings show, in which he listed some of the projects the publisher is currently working on behind the scenes. One of these projects Grubb reveals to be "another Marvel game that's single-player" in addition to the rumored Black Panther game that Grubb also claimed to be in development last week. However, he doesn't mention which superhero will be the focus of EA's second Marvel title.

That's where fellow industry insider Tom Henderson comes in, who explains that he'd heard several rumors that the game in question will star Iron Man, although stresses that he never had "anything concrete to fully report on." Like with most rumors from industry insiders, neither Grubb nor Henderson's comments have been confirmed, so it's worth keeping your expectations in check until we hear something official from EA itself.

As for a superhero game we do know is coming, Marvel's Spider-Man is swinging over to PC pretty soon. The game will be available to purchase on Steam on August 12, although if you've pre-ordered the game you may want to consider canceling it. Valve has recommended those with pre-orders to cancel them and pre-order again as the game was accidentally priced too high in several territories. If you live in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, or Israel, go check your pre-order and you may be able to save yourself a fiver.

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