EA Servers Down: FIFA 19, Apex Legends, Origin and Battlefield NOT WORKING

Electronic Arts servers appear to be down around the world at the moment and that’s bad news for any FIFA 19, Apex Legends and Origin players currently.

Although, obviously this problem also extends to just about every EA release big and small. So Battlefield V and Madden players are probably cursing and shaking their fist at the sky too.

Writing on Twitter the EA Help Twitter account responded to one fan saying:

“We’re currently having connectivity problems with our games and (link: http://help.ea.com) help.ea.com. We will post updates here as we receive more info.”

From what has been shared online, it appears this could be worldwide outage, and not just something creating problems in Europe.

Independent website Down Detector has also registered thousands of reports of services for EA, Origin Access, FIFA 19 and more games not working in a short space of time.

t’s not clear at this time what has caused the server problems, or how long they might last.

It’s certainly not for any scheduled maintenance.

Stay tuned for updates and refresh the page for the latest info.

More to follow…

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