EA shows off next gen Frostbite engine and super realistic hair

The makers of Battlefield have offered their own hint at what graphics on the PS5 and Xbox Two might look like.

This week has seen our first ever glimpses at what the next generation of consoles can do, but with no new games to show off the examples have been fairly unexciting so far.

Yesterday it was loading times, with Sony’s leaked demo of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and today it’s realistic hair, courtesy of Battlefield developer DICE.

That may not sound very thrilling but hair is one of the things current gen technology just isn’t very good at, with even state-of-the-art games like Red Dead Redemption II struggling to make it look believable.

DICE goes into detail on the new tech in what is promised to be the first of a series of blogs describing the next gen version of their Frostbite graphics engine.

As you can see, the hair not only moves realistically but also reflects light correctly. So hopefully next gen will finally see the end of the bald space marine trope and endless baseball caps.

The fact that DICE is planning to use Forstbite next gen is in itself something of a revelation, as the engine has come in for a lot of criticism from EA’s other studios.

Except for Respawn, EA insists that all its developers use Frostbite, even though it was only ever designed for first person games.

Its inflexibility has been criticised by BioWare and blamed as one of the contributing factors towards the cancellation of Visceral’s Star Wars game.

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