EA Sports Reveals Nominees For FIFA’s 2021 Team Of The Year

Ratings in sports games are a funny thing. As they are gradually revealed during the build-up to a game's launch, they tend to cause all sorts of lively debate and even complaints. Sometimes from the players themselves. If you disagree with some of the ratings given to players in FIFA 22, EA Sports' annual Team Of The Year process will sort of give you the chance to rectify that, and voting on who you want to see make the cut is about to begin.

The 11 players who make it into 2021's Team Of The Year will be turned into limited edition FUT cards. The chance to turn who you think is an underrated player into a potentially much better one. You can't just vote for anyone, though. You might want to add a 91-rated Declan Rice to your FUT ranks, but sadly, that just isn't going to happen.

EA Sports has narrowed the field down to 80 nominees in an attempt to tone down the chaos that is the voting process, and to prevent a Boaty McBoatface type situation. The nominees were revealed in batches, first attackers, then midfielders, and finally defenders and goalkeepers. All 80 are now available to peruse in order for FIFA players to decide where they will cast their votes.

80 players might not sound like a lot, but it might take a lot more narrowing down than you think. If you're struggling to separate a few key names from your starting 11, then the breakdown includes detailed stats on each and every player. Can't decide between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi? Split the decision by going with who scored the most goals. Although let's be honest, while it might be considered a little predictable, both of them should be in there.

Voting for EA Sports FIFA Team Of The Year for the past 12 months opens at 11 am on Monday, January 10, 2022. You'll have a little over a week to cast your votes with the polls closing at 2:59 am on January 18, 2022. The votes will be counted and the Team Of The Year revealed at some point after that, with limited edition FUT cards of all 11 players made available later in the year should the process be in keeping with previous Team Of The Year selections.

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