Ecco The Dolphin Fans Think Sega Is Teasing A Reboot

Sega is teasing a new game and fans think that it might be related to Ecco the Dolphin.

IGN shared a video related to its Summer of Gaming event on its Twitter account saying, "A world premiere exclusive is about to steal the show". The eight-second video shows a red waveform visual and then plays some high-pitched audio that sounds a lot like a dolphin squeaking.

The squeaking then morphs and seems to introduce more animals in the process. Combine that with the echo-y noise making it sound like it's coming from an underwater cave, and it certainly matches Ecco's vibe. To make things even more interesting, some Ecco fans have even managed to track down a very similar sounding noise that appears in Ecco: Defender of the Future, an Ecco game from the year 2000 that was actually the last title released in the series. With that in mind, it's clearly related to Ecco in some way.

Although it seems pretty concretely related to Ecco in some regard, others think that it could be a red herring and actually related to something else entirely. Other guesses for what it could be include a new Nights game as it apparently sounds like the laugh of some boss characters, something to do with Monkey Ball thanks to the noise sounding like a laugh, and even something Persona-related thanks to the red colour of the waveform and the "steal the show" phrasing.

Interestingly, the Twitter clip marks the reveal as being a "Sega Special Game", which has some people thinking that it might be related to Sega's "Super Game" that it revealed was in the works some time ago. That game is speculated to be some kind of first-person shooter incorporating different Sega games, so it could possibly still be that and include Ecco in some way.

We'll know for sure what game Sega is teasing in just a few hours, as the reveal is set to go live at 6pm BST / 10am PT.

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