Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – 7 Best Side Characters In The Game

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a short but sweet experience. The beautiful side-scrolling action RPG serves as an appetizer for the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the eagerly anticipated collaboration between Suikoden creators Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano.

Set in the same world as Hundred Heroes, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising gives players an introduction to the game's setting and lore, as well as its colorful cast of characters. From merchants to mages to the acting mayor, each individual in this RPG adventure is bursting with personality. Here are our favorite side characters present in the game.

7 Hogan

The very first character you meet in the game, the traveling trader Hogan immediately stands out, and not just because of his lizard-like appearance. The nomadic merchant is introduced while being attacked by bandits, and when the main character CJ suggests that he looks like he can handle himself, he actually calls her out for judging his appearance. It paints the reptilian merchant as an honest man, if not somewhat passive.

Aside from his sincerity, Hogan is also a man of the people. You'll discover that he's had ties, connections, or conversations with many of the inhabitants you'll encounter in the game's hub town of New Nevaeh. Not only does this show him as friendly and personable, but it also lends credit to his career as a trader. Got to keep those networking skills up.

6 Isha

The acting mayor of New Nevaeh, Isha and CJ don't exactly hit it off right away. The word "rapacious" comes to mind. She is, however, a fascinating individual, having taken command of her hometown at only 16 years old after the disappearance of her father, the town's previous mayor.

Isha is a somewhat stern, goal-oriented young woman with a heavy load of responsibilities on her plate. As the short adventure progresses, you'll learn more about her history, her town, and the unclear circumstances surrounding her father's disappearance, all of which add to the intriguing nature of the character. Despite an icy disposition, Isha quickly becomes one of CJ's closest allies.

5 Squash

Squash is an opportunistic parrot who ventured into the town of New Nevaeh to open his accessory shop. His personality conveys confidence and expertise in his field, with his role in town quickly transitioning into the Authorized Appraiser of rare treasures and trinkets.

Relatively neutral with his own interests at the top of his list, Squash nonetheless manages to leave a lasting impression. His distinguished nature and a natural eye for quality make him easy to respect, even if he can be a bit eccentric at times.

4 Garoo

A large and brooding kangaroo swordsman, the aptly-named Garoo manages to capture the interest of players before he even speaks. He instantly stands out due to his large, intimidating stature, along with his large, intimidating sword. And that's before we ever learn of his magical, seemingly-bottomless pouch.

It's clear that there's much more to this former mercenary than meets the eye. Garoo's mysterious past is hinted at early on by Hogan, who reveals that they come from the same village. Learning more about this character through your adventures together is one of the most compelling reasons to press forward with the game's narrative, and although there are many unknowns about him and his homeland, we hope that Hundred Heroes will shed even more light on Garoo and his history.

3 Frida

Frida, the bright and bubbly armorer of New Nevaeh, is as essential to your journey as she is pleasant to interact with. Bringing uniquely positive energy to the cast of characters you meet, you're sure to have an interesting experience each time you interact with her.

Frida's shop is key to keeping your equipment up to date, with armor upgrades that you can only acquire through her. It doesn't hurt that each time you interact with her, she greets you with a large smile and a sincere earnestness that becomes a staple of her character, even in moments of conflict with other New Nevaeh citizens.

2 Mellore

Mellore's introduction is explosive, to say the least. The youthful mage's powerful magic is seen before she makes her first appearance, blasting a major hole in the side of the town's quarry in an effort to attack CJ and company. The misunderstanding takes a bit of time to clear up, but even as she continues to mistake your party for a threat, she does so out of a sense of honor and pride in her hometown.

Mellore is young, and relatively insecure about her role as a "magic lady." Many of the quests that involve her revolve around her issues with other characters' perceptions of her, which is honestly understandable considering that she's only 12 years old. Once you get to know her true character, however, it's clear that Mellore is one of the more compelling and sincere individuals in the game.

1 Iugo

Iugo's first appearance in the game is a brief cameo in the background of another conversation, cementing him as a rather enigmatic individual. Introduced as a "Rugged Easterner", he's shrouded in mystery from the start, even as he begins to pop up in more events around town.

A master swordsman hailing from the East Reach, Iugo's demeanor may give him a stoic and serious reputation, but he's also frequently seen lounging at the town tavern. He's also run up quite a tab as the local head of security, with Isha remarking that he's not done very much to earn his keep. Despite all of this, though, Iugo proves to be likable and trustworthy, and the vague hints peppered throughout the game about his hometown help to further flesh out the world of Eiyuden Chronicle.

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