Elden Ring Almost Had Weapon And Armour Durability Like Dark Souls

FromSoftware's latest smash hit, Elden Ring, almost had a weapon durability system, just like previous Soulsborne games. Fortunately, it was cut from the game before it ever got released, so we didn't have to deal with our gear breaking mid boss battle.

As spotted by PCGamesN, dataminer JesterPatches revealed evidence of pop-ups within the game's code that points to the existence of the familiar and annoying feature. 'Weapon broken', 'armor at risk', and 'armor broken' barks are all present within the game's files.

These point to a feature seen in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, weapon degradation. It's a mechanic that prevents players from overusing powerful weapons during gauntlets, but the open world nature of Elden Ring means few of these long stretches of unending combat exist.

Instead, it's almost always possible for you to simply teleport to the Roundtable Hold to visit the blacksmith, so there's really no point in adding weapon durability. It would just be a roadblock to fun and adventure, something the developers must have realised when they opted to remove the system from the game.

In other Elden Ring news, one fan managed to piece together the pantheon's family tree. The tree starts with the Outer Gods who you won't often encounter and goes all the way down to the demigods you face off against.

If you don't care about who's related to who, you may care about who's the strongest. One youTube channel posted a video featuring a massive clash between the toughest foes in the game.

Finally, the Lands Between isn't just about adventure and killing – there's also fashion to consider. The Elden Ring Subreddit is hosting a fashion show, Project Run Away. It's caused a bit of an argument on the forum, but you should still check it out if you prefer capes to crusades.

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