Elden Ring Bosses Reimagined As Cuphead Foes

On the surface, Cuphead and Elden Ring couldn’t be more different. One is a classic side-scrolling shooter featuring a hand-drawn ‘30s art style. The other is a third-person action RPG with breathtakingly realistic graphics. But there are also similarities: both are tough as nails and both have challenging boss fights against highly memorable characters.

It is perhaps with these similarities in mind that Reddit user Beban_ (better known as Mustakro on social media) created these stunning images of Elden Ring characters reimagined as Cuphead bosses. Blaidd's cheeky grin kicks off a six-character sequence that leads to Sorcerer Sellen, the Black Knife Assassin, Elemer of the Briar, the loathsome Dung Eater, and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Each has the distinctive proportions and rounded eyes of Cuphead, and even the tendency to give life to inanimate objects in the case of Elemer of the Briar (but let’s be honest, we always knew that sword was alive).

In part two we find an angry and confused Hoarah Loux, a sleepy and serene Ranni the Witch, a magic-wielding Morgott, a gravity-defying Starscourge Radahn and his faithful (if tired) horse Leonard, a floating-while-comatose Rennala of the Full Moon, and finally, the incomparable Radagon of the Golden Order.

We're not done though. Part three brings a legless Fire Giant, the GOTY- crown-wearing Elden Beats, the Death Rite Bird, a smarmy Godskin Duo, a toothy Mohg, a defiant Malenia, and a surprise twist with the jarhead himself, Let Me Solo Her. Note that Let Me Solo Her normally doesn't have eyes, but Cuphead almost demands some angry eye holds on that upside-down jar.

Mustakro isn't just about Elden Ring. They've also done several Dark Souls bosses redone in Cuphead's style, and with the recent release of the Dead Space Remake, they've also remade Isaac Clarke as a Cuphead character. They're also not just about Elden Ring, as this collection of Disney characters as Fromsoft bosses prove.

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