Elden Ring: Every Demigod And Their Motivation

Souls games, like Elden Ring, tend to open with a massive list of names. These could be characters important to the lore, including bosses, or just echoes of eons passed. Following these little threads can help you unravel the nature of the world. And, in Elden Ring, this is all the more important. These great family trees determine the fate of the world.

The many demigod children of Marika and Radagon are the major players. They all have their own reasons to want the shards of the Elden Ring. In this article, we'll take a look at each demigod and the desire that drives them.

9 Godwyn – To Live In Death

There are a great many demigods in Elden Ring's long history, and plenty of them still populate the world. But perhaps the most important of them all is never seen alive in the game whatsoever. Godwyn the Golden, firstborn of Queen Marika, is killed during the Night Of Black Knives, triggering the Shattering. Though he doesn't die quite right.

Only his soul perished, and the body of Ranni. His body was laid to rest at the roots of the Erdtree, though it became twisted. It can be hard to say, truly, what Godwyn wants anymore, but the Deathbed Companion Fia claims that he deserves proper death, to be able to live a life of death in peace, instead of stuck between two worlds.

8 Godrick – To Live Up To His Lineage

Time as a concept can be somewhat vague in Elden Ring. With the fractured Golden Order having fostered an Elden Ring without death, immortality graced the people of The Lands Between, and a great, long lineage of demigods was born. Amongst them was Godrick, a distant descendant of Godwyn.

During the Shattering, Godrick fled the capital to the castle of Stormveil, and named himself lord. But alas, the guidance of grace faded from the eyes of demigods, passed on to Tarnished. So Godrick took up grafting, attaching copious Tarnished to himself in hopes of siphoning their grace, a faint hope to live up to Marika's firstborn.

7 Ranni – To Bring About The Age Of Stars

Ranni is one of three special children of demigods. While her mother is Rennala and her father Radagon, she was born an Empyrean like Marika, meaning she had the means to succeed her. But Ranni saw injustice in the Golden Order and the Greater Will's influence on the world.

She sought to end it. Her mother was spurned by Radagon to become the consort of Marika, and her mother imprisoned. Her siblings fought for scraps to create a world that would still serve the Erdtree. And so Ranni sought a world without them, a world drowned in the dark of space and the light of the moon, and where the only ruler was yourself.

6 Rykard – To Burn The Erdtree To Ash

Rykard was another of the children born to Rennala and Radagon, though he was not an empyrean like his sister Ranni. But while Radahn cared deeply for his father, and Ranni for her mother, Rykard had no such affections and was happy even with the knowledge of Ranni's plans.

When the Shattering came, Rykard knew. He knew that a world held up by The Greater Will would never be a world of freedom. People were just slaves to their desire, a life lived only to empower them in death. So he formed the Volcano Manor of Mt. Gelmir to burn the Erdtree, and enlisted the help of a godly serpent to do so.

5 Radahn – To Protect His Loved Ones

The final of the three children between Radagon and Rennala, Radahn had no such lofty ambitions. He was a man of flaming hair, taking after his father. It was a point of pride to take after such a champion of the Erdtree, and lived a life of warfare to pay homage. But also to Godfrey, the first Elden Lord who waged war against the giants.

When the Shattering came, Radahn already had a place: the battlefield. With the war prowess of his father and the gravity magic of his mother, he was an unstoppable force. Until he met the Goddess of Rot. Consumed by rot, only the barest notions remained. To halt the very stars and use gravity to save his horse from his rot-infested form.

4 Mohg – To Create His Own Dynasty

Perhaps the most distinct of the demigods, Mohg was born to Marika and Godfrey, though as an accursed omen that was to be shunned and buried below the city. For the sin of birth, Mohg was denied the grace of the Erdtree and a life with his family. So he made a new one, a communion with the Formless Mother.

If he wasn't to be given grace by his own family, he would create a better world. But Mohg was no empyrean, and thus could not be a vessel for the Formless Mother. So he kidnapped his half-brother Miquella, in hopes he could house the Formless Mother, and give Mohg a dynasty that could far surpass the Golden Order.

3 Morgott – To Be Worthy Of Grace

Twin to Mohg and child of Marika and Godfrey, Morgott strove to take a different path than his brother. While also born an omen and shunned by the Erdtree, Morgott sought desperately to be worthy of that grace. Maybe, if he just showed enough reverence for long enough, he would become worthy.

But that time never came. And maybe beneath it all, he understood. That an omen like he could never be Elden Lord, despite being born of a god. And so he declared himself Lord of Leyndell, a halt to all seeking audience with Marika. If he could not succeed his mother, then no one could.

2 Malenia – To Protect Her Brother

Malenia is a legendary figure across the game. Impaled swords are scattered across the land, epitaphs of wars since passed, many won by Malenia. Child of Radagon and Marika, Malenia was born an empyrean, though afflicted with the Scarlet Rot from her very birth. Every battle was against her opponent and the rot within her.

But her brother Miquella sought to solve this, even temporarily, and created the Unalloyed Gold Needle to hold the Rot at bay. And it worked, until the time came when Mohg carried Miquella away while Malenia was at war with Radahn. And with no one to remind her of the pride she had or to keep the rot away, she was left at the base of the Haligtree, to await her beloved brother's return.

1 Miquella – To Remove Outer Gods

Twin to Malenia, Miquella was the other child of Marika and Radagon. And just like his sister, he was also born an empyrean with a cursed body. For him, his body would not age, and he was stuck in the form of a young child eternally. But this did not dampen his ambition. If anything, it spurred it on.

Miquella deemed these afflictions to be that of Outer Gods, and so dedicated his life to beating back their influence. He grew the Haligtree from his own blood, creating a home for he and Malenia. And yet when he chose to rest within the Haligtree, in hopes of, at last, finding a solution, he was taken by Mohg, with no true clarity as to whether Miquella ever came to a conclusion.

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