Elden Ring Players Discuss Where They Desperately Wish They Could Fast Travel

When you start your journey in the Lands Between, there’s basically a Site of Grace every few feet. Then as you progress and unlock a few flask upgrades, those respites become a lot more scarce. That makes sense from a game design perspective as you want to ratchet up the difficulty as Elden Ring progresses, but it can make for some really inconvenient commutes.

Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, TheEldenCasual asks fans where they’d love to be able to fast-travel to if only they could. The response has been tremendous with nearly a thousand comments all suggesting different locations where it would be a huge boon for the Tarnished to travel without needing to fight their way through a bunch of dangerous monsters.

TheEldenCasual offered up Gowry’s Shack as a location that could definitely use a Site of Grace given how often you need to Torrent back there during Millicent’s questline, but as usual, the top comment has the right idea with The Great Jar at Caelid Colosseum. Getting to the Great Jar involves a run past two Iron Golems that respawn if you die, and you can’t really let them live since they have a tendency to interrupt your fights with The Great Jar’s summons.

Many of Elden Ring’s PvPers noted how great it would be to have a Site of Grace outside every Colosseum, not just the one in Caelid. Both Limgrave and Leyndell Colosseums are quite the run on Torrent-back to get there, and being able to just fast-travel to either location would get PvPers fighting a lot faster.

Placidusax is another location that could really use a Site of Grace. Although not the hardest boss in the game, if he kills you, it’s quite the trek back to his arena in Crumbling Farum Azula, and then you have to wait through the cutscene too.

But perhaps the most convenient and best location for a Site of Grace was suggested by the_gifted_Atheist who asked for one at Blackguard Big Boggart on Altus Plateau. Boggart’s shack in Raya Lucaria got one, so why not his crab stand in Altus Plateau? It doesn’t make any sense if you ask me.

Where would a Site of Grace make your day easier in Elden Ring? Be sure to provide your two cents in the thread above.

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