Elden Ring Players Re-Enact Iconic Lord Of The Rings Scenes

It didn't take long after Elden Ring first hit shelves back in February for its players to start doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things in The Lands Between. Simply playing the incredibly vast game as intended isn't enough for some people. Everything from speedrunning through it as quickly as possible, to beating bosses with banana controllers, to recreating scenes from Lord of the Rings with incredible accuracy.

That last one is the most recent way in which an Elden Ring player has shown off exactly how much you can do with the game, and it might well be the most impressive example so far. PickleLover has created Frodo and Sam from Lord of the Rings and taken them on an adventure through The Lands Between, as first reported by Kotaku. Not just any adventure, but their adventure. The one they took through three movies 20 years ago, and through J. R. R. Tolkien's books before that.

If you want to create Frodo and Sam in Elden Ring yourself, PickleLover has shared that the hobbits are wearing Page Garb and Queen Leggings. As for successfully making The Lands Between look like Middle Earth, you might be best to leave that to PickleLover and enjoy their work rather than do it yourself. The Elden Ring hobbits can be seen hiding from the Eye of Sauron, venturing into Mount Doom, and Frodo's sword Sting is also shown glowing blue on more than one occasion.

Some incredibly hard work on behalf of PickleLover, to the point that you would think this is a Lord of the Rings game as opposed to FromSoftware's latest offering. There are a few similarities between the two universes, of course. Mythical fantasy worlds housing wonderful and scary creatures. There's even a ring in both of them. All of that being said, PickleLover's work is still pretty remarkable, and yet another example of why Elden Ring will be played for years to come as its players do more and more creative stuff with it.

Elsewhere in The Lands Between, those speedrunning times mentioned above are now down to less than six minutes. Someone has also managed to take on the game using a Fisher Price controller designed for babies and toddlers.

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