Elden Ring Players Want To Explore The Ocean And Pause The Game In DLC

FromSoftware remains radio silent on Elden Ring DLC, but we know something is coming as it said there's more it wants to do following the colosseum update. What that 'more' entails is unclear, but fans are already bursting at the seams with ideas for what Elden Ring could do in an expansion.

One of the most common answers that cropped up when asked what fans wanted to see in the DLC was the ocean, complete with the sea monsters we've heard about, and all the abandoned ships on the map. Maybe FromSoftware could even return to the Lovecraftian horror of Bloodborne with a Cthulhu-styled beast lurking in the depths.

From Caelid, we can even see wrecked pirate ships off the coast, something that players have wanted to explore further ever since spotting them. But going off how annoying the land octopi are, an entire expansion featuring underwater critters might prove too much for some. It's me, I'm some.

Another idea that cropped up was Miquella's awakening, given that we only see them in a cocoon. It's here that he's spending time in his world of dreams, which is an idea furthered by the cut content as Miquella was intended to be St. Trina, the god of slumber.

A DLC involving their awakening could see us plunged into a nightmare or dream world, taking notes from Bloodborne, and by going somewhere completely fictional in-universe, FromSoftware could theoretically do anything.

Interestingly, Miquella is also Malenia's brother, and some theorise that he created the Albinaurics, so there's a lot of interesting lore to be unpacked that could lend itself to equally as interesting environments and enemies.

So, there are DLC ideas about waking up Miquella and entering his funky dream world, and there are ideas about venturing to the high seas to fight Cthuhlu, but fans have more mechanical ideas, too. Two common suggestions are a dedicated button to summon Torrent (rather than a bindable item) and a pause button, so you can pop to the toilet or answer the door without worrying about some knight on horseback ramming you off a cliff.

Aside from buttons, the original poster suggested more tailoring options so that you can dye your armour new colours, an arena to practice new builds against already defeated bosses, and a fifth Talisman slot. In the vein of boss arenas to test builds, someone suggested Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons, akin to Legacy Dungeons but randomly generated and accessed via the hub.

Failing all of that, there's a completely out-there suggestion – going to the moon. Why? It's cool, it's big, and it's in the sky. I'm not sure if there's much up there in Elden Ring, or if it'll just be a magical rock, but maybe there's an Ancestor Spirit or some futuristic spaceman with an axe ready to body us.

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