Elden Ring Streamer MissMikkaa Beats Margit With Acoustic Guitar

Elden Ring's first anniversary is fast-approaching. Its dedicated players have done some remarkable things with the game during its first year. None more so than MissMikkaa who has now tasked herself with beating the game using an acoustic guitar as a controller.

MissMikkaa has already finished Elden Ring a number of times and attempts to make each new run even more difficult than the last by using unconventional controllers. Next on the list is an acoustic guitar as the streamer has been traversing The Lands Between on Twitch, playing notes to move around and attack enemies rather than pressing buttons like the rest of us.

If you find Elden Ring difficult with a regular old controller, and let's be honest most of us do, you might want to look away now. On MissMikkaa's second day streaming her guitar run, she has already managed to fell Margit. The Elden Ring savant shared a clip of the very end of her triumphant victory over Margit on Twitter, but you can watch the whole thing, and keep track of what comes next, on Twitch.

MissMikkaa has labeled her acoustic guitar Elden Ring run “the most inconsistent and hardest run so far.” That might come as quite a shock to those of you who have been following along with the streamer's incredible feats. In her last run before picking up a guitar, MissMikkaa beat two copies of Elden Ring at the same time. Just to make that even more difficult, only one of those copies was beaten with a controller while MissMikkaa simultaneously played the other copy using a dance mat.

MissMikkaa will eventually beat Elden Ring with a guitar, at which point she will likely start again using a household item that will make her next run even more difficult. Especially if the game finally gets DLC. FromSoftware announced a first-anniversary showcase this week, sparking a belief among players that the show will be used to reveal additional content.

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