Elden Ring’s SteamDB Page Has Been Updated Ahead Of One-Year Anniversary Event

Now that Elden Ring is approaching its first birthday, fans have been ravenous about potential DLC on the horizon. While nothing has been confirmed yet, a series of updates and leaks over the past couple of months have fans convinced an announcement is imminent, with all signs pointing to the game's one-year anniversary event later this month as the prime place for FromSoftware to do it.

Another update to Elden Ring's SteamDB page has suggested as such anyway, but whether this will be a full DLC expansion is still a mystery. First spotted by u/ashen on the GamingLeaksAndrumors subreddit, four packages linked to Elden Ring's Steam Store page were updated yesterday, although the update is not visible to the public just yet.

These packages contain information that is displayed on the game's store page, including images, prices, and simple text, but what's more interesting is that these packages have only ever been updated twice – once upon the game's original release and another upon the release of the game's Colosseum update. An Elden Ring dataminer has also noted that two of the packages that should direct you to the store page throw up 404s and send you back to the Home page instead, suggesting the store pages are for something that is yet to be revealed.

It's best not to get hopes too high, although it does seem that FromSoftware is prepping Elden Ring's store pages for something new. Whether that's finally the rumored expansion is up for debate, but we likely won't have to wait too long to find out.

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