Elder Scrolls Online Jubilee Event Extended Due To PS4 Server Outage

Elder Scrolls Online is up and running on PS4 after hitting a few snags during routine maintenance earlier this week. To make up for the lost time, ESO is extending the Anniversary Jubilee event to April 15 on all platforms.

If you’re playing on PS4 or PS5, you’ll also notice a few adjustments to your daily login rewards. ZeniMax Online Studios is swapping a few prominent items so you don’t miss out on rewards due to the login disruption. This includes five 150% experience boost scrolls as the day 7 login reward and the Ayleid Wolf Pup as the day 8 login reward. Before the downtime, the Ayleid Wolf Pup was listed as the reward for day 21.

The original rewards for days 7 and 8 will be moved later in the month – so you don’t have to worry about missing out on those either.

“The extended downtime was particularly unfortunate timing as yesterday was a holiday for many of you, and we know you were looking forward to spending your time off adventuring in Tamriel,” said Matt Firor, studio director at ZeniMax Online Studios. “First, the issue itself was caused by a service problem between ESO and the PSN platform and was entirely our fault. Because it was a problem between the ESO game and the PSN service, our solution was to rebuild the ESO patch, test it, and submit it for certification.”

That lengthy certification process is where the original 24-48 downtime estimate came from. However, ESO was able to work with PSN to create a workaround that got the servers back online well ahead of schedule.

Firor ends the message by apologizing for the downtime and thanking the community for “bearing with us through this.”

With all servers up and running, you can now dive back into Tamriel and try to pick up some of the daily login rewards. Almost everyone on PS4 should now be able to earn the Ayleid Wolf Pup – which is a pretty nice consolation prize for the day or so of lost time.

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