Elder Scrolls Online's Anniversary Jubilee Event Is Live Now

Bethesda is celebrating six years of Elder Scrolls Online with a jubilee event running from 10 AM EDT on April 7 to 10 AM EDT On April 14. The celebration will include a new quest, XP boosts, and cake, of course.

To join in the celebration, choose the free Jubilee Cake Voucher quest from the Crown Store to start Chef Donolon’s cake-themed quest. Completing this successfully will gain you access to the Jubilee Cake 2020 memento, which will net you a 2-hour, 100 percent XP boost every time you eat a slice of cake for the duration of the event.

Daily quests will also be dropping Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes, which will contain unique crafting materials, Motif ages, furniture recipes, and Outfit Style pages including new pages for Jephrine Paladin armor or weapons.

Bonus event tickets will also be available when you eat a slice of cake or defeat a boss during this period. These can be redeemed with the Impresario for berries that will unlock the new Icebreath Indrik evolution, or for furnishing versions of any anniversary cakes you may have unlocked.

To get the most out of the anniversary event, make sure to log in, redeem the Jubilee quest and get your dailies done as much as possible. The event will end on April 14. Elder Scrolls Online is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. Console players can play for free until April 13.

ESO is currently preparing to move into its Greymoor season, with a free Greymoor prologue available to all players–including those taking advantage of the free trial.

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