Elite Dangerous Free On The Epic Games Store Until Nov. 26

One of the best space simulation experiences in virtual reality is free to own on the Epic Games Store until November 26.

You can go grab Elite Dangerous right now for free from the Epic Games Store. If you prefer Steam it is also on sale there until November 25 for $7.50.

The title from Frontier Developments has been continuously updated and expanded for many years and it features both massively multiplayer elements and solo play. In VR, some players spend considerable time inside their cockpits exploring the universe. Assuming you have a PC rig capable of VR and Elite Dangerous there’s never been a better time to give it a try.

We’ll be curious to see what Frontier Developments does next with the game. Earlier this year the studio announced the Odyssey update, which allow players to disembark from their ships and explore on foot. However, Frontier Developments confirmed to us in June that the Odyssey update will not be VR-compatible at launch, as new mechanics meant that the team “had to re-examine if we could deliver that same experience without compromise, which, for launch, means Odyssey will not be VR-compatible.”

VR has been a huge part of Elite Dangerous’ life cycle as a game — it was even a Rift launch title back in 2016. Up until Odyssey, all of the new content added to Elite Dangerous since launch has also been VR-compatible, including updates like the Fleet Carriers update which added huge new ships that were the biggest investment in the game at the time of their launch.

Elite Dangerous is available for free until November 26 on the Epic Games Store.

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