Escape Academy: Introductions Walkthrough

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  • How To Solve The Cipher And Get The Toilet Key

Tackling an escape room can be one of the most thrilling things you can experience. You get the serotonin-filled thrill of solving puzzles and the adrenaline rush of being under a strict time limit. Escape Academy seeks to bring those feelings to the digital world with a range of classic escape room scenarios to solve.

Of course, they won't throw you in the deep end. The game comes with a great prologue that serves as your tutorial and a primer to the world of room escaping. Take your time, but not too much time. You want to impress, after all.

How To Escape The Escape Room

After signing the waiver (that also shows you how to interact with the world), you're free to start escaping the first room of many. The first thing you should do is explore. Read notes, pick up items, and get a feel for your surroundings and the eventual puzzles you'll be forced to solve.

To progress, you'll need to find a key to unlock the door. Simple enough, right? There are two locked boxes in this room. One is a safe with lettered buttons, and one is a coded padlock.

How To Unlock The Padlock

There is a lectern in this room with a message on it. Read the message and take note of the underlined words.

Look at clock to open lock

If you look at the clock, you'll find that it's broken, but a note on it will tell you that it's supposed to read 12:30. This is your first code.

Interact with the padlock on the chest on the table and you'll be able to enter the code: 1230. Inside, you'll find a blue goblet with the letter 'F' on it and a mysterious note.

How To Crack The Safe

You'll first need two more goblets to complete the safe's code.

  • There is a red goblet with the letter 'E' on it inside the cardboard box masquerading as a chest near the door.
  • There is a yellow goblet with the letter 'R' on it in the trash can near the door.

With all three goblets in your possession, check the mysterious clue. The solution to this puzzle involves reading the word spelled out by the colored goblets as dictated by the note.

The colors spell 'FREE' – enter that code into the safe and you'll get the Key of Truth. Use this on the door and you're out of there! Or so you thought.

How To Turn On The TV

The employee from earlier appears to have vanished. While it would be possible to leave right now, it would be a better idea to investigate and find out what's going on – something is fishy.

Notably, the only locked door is to the toilets.

Check out the computer desk for hints as to what's happening!

Your time limit is no more! Take as much time as you need with this section.

You'll notice a row of suspicious t-shirts on the wall near the desk. Each has an arrow on it – Up, Right, Down, Up, Right. This is a code.

Interact with the TV and you'll be presented with a remote that has four buttons with arrows on them. Press them in the order you noted down above. The TV will switch over to a suspicious code.

If you mess up and press the wrong button, you don't have to exit and enter this interaction. Just start from the beginning of the code again.

How To Solve The Cipher And Get The Toilet Key

Behind the remote is a door to a Restricted Area. Ignore the sign and enter. Inside you'll find two important things – a contraption that allows you to use punch cards to enter a code, and a cipher on the wall that resembles an Ouija board.

Use the cipher to solve the code that you revealed on the TV:

  • WRO becomes JEB
  • NYYVR becomes ALLIE
  • RRY becomes EEL

So how do we use this code? Investigate the notice board next to the door to the restricted area. On it are five business cards – you can pick them all up, but you really only need three to progress. Can you guess which ones?

Interact with the contraption in the restricted area and you'll be prompted to place cards into the three slots.

  • Place Jeb's Biz Card in the first slot.
  • Place Allie's Biz Card in the second slot.
  • Place E.E.L.'s Biz Card in the third slot.

The red herring plaque above the slots will move and reveal a key. This is the Key of Lies.

Use the Key of Lies to open the door to the toilets, and then enter the stall on the far right. Head down the stairs and you'll learn more about the premise of the game and meet one of the main characters, the Headmaster of the Escape Academy. Talk to her and then enter the train.

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