Etrian Mystery Dungeon Will Be Delisted In Europe Next Month

NIS America confirmed yesterday that Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a dungeon crawler spin-off to the Etrian Odyssey series, will be getting delisted from the European eShop next month. Set to leave on September 30, 2020, this is the second to last available way to get a digital copy. The American and Australian versions were removed earlier this year, but the game remains available for Japanese gamers.

It may not be the biggest loss since physical copies still exist. It’s also a bit strange that a 3DS game is making headlines in 2020, but then it would be a shame to completely miss the game if you have any interest. NIS America is heavily discounting the title until the week before its delisting, so you can boot up your old handheld and grab it on the cheap.

As convenient as digital titles may be, there are always going to be drawbacks. One of the biggest is delisting, where a previously available game is removed from sale. Typically done because of licensing reasons, it seems even a niche publisher like NIS America can’t always guarantee the sale of its titles.

It’s a shame, but at least Etrian Mystery Dungeon won’t be completely vanishing into the ether. Physical copies save the day again.

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