Even Fire Emblem Engage’s Lead Can’t Get A Copy Of The Divine Edition

Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition is apparently very popular. As with many Nintendo releases, GameStop has taken to warning people online that purchases will be limited to one per person in order to keep up with demand. However, GameStop has apparently been selling pre-orders of Divine Edition expecting some people to forget to pick it up, leaving some customers out in the cold.

One of those customers was Brian McInnis, the actor who plays the male version of Alear in Fire Emblem Engage. Despite being the voice behind a central character in the game, McInnis was told that his copy of Divine Edition was sold out from under him, and he’d have to look elsewhere to get those exclusive art cards, art book, and steelbook case.

"GameStop just called to let me know that my preorder of the Divine Edition of Fire Emblem Engage sadly won’t be fulfilled because corporate had them selling preorders without guaranteed stock," McInnis wrote the night before the game’s release. He was quick to take action, purchasing a digital copy and finding another Divine Edition from a reseller on eBay, "but it irks me that people gave money to GameStop believing they’d get a copy of something special to them and were duped."

You might be wondering how the male lead of a video game didn’t get his own copy straight from Nintendo? Apparently, Nintendo doesn’t really give away games to voice actors. On top of that, McInnis wasn’t willing to lean on his credentials as a voice actor in order to secure a copy.

Plus, he’s just too polite. Instead of playing the "Don’t You Know Who I Am" card, McInnis just calmly hung up after speaking with GameStop. "They’re dealing with enough already if that’s the way corporate runs things," he added. And, well, yeah, he's not wrong.

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