Every New Pokemon In Scarlet & Violet Has Been Leaked

Thanks to early copies of the game, every new Gen 9 Pokemon that's been added to the roster in Scarlet & Violet has been shared online, showing us pretty much everything that Paldea has to offer.

This probably won't come as much of a surprise to Pokemon fans, but Scarlet & Violet have been incredibly leaky over the past couple of weeks, with everything from starter evolutions to new Pokemon popping up online. Today seems to be the straw that broke the Camerupt's back, however, as all of the game's new Pokemon have been shared online and one streamer has even managed to play 14 hours of the game with no action from Nintendo.

With that in mind, if you're wary of spoilers and don't want to see all the new Gen 9 Pokemon, then click away now. Over the past couple of days, tons of unrevealed Gen 9 Pokemon have been shared online, most of which have been corroborated by Twitter user CentroLeaks.

Now, CentroLeaks has shared an image on their alternate account, CentroLeaksAlt, which shows almost every new Pokemon that can be found in Paldea. The image shows 107 Pokemon overall, although there are a few examples where there's either no name attached to the 'mon, or there's no picture to go alongside a name.

Although The Pokemon Company has revealed a fair number of Pokemon through marketing in recent months, this leak shows a ton of new ones, including all the evolved forms for the starters and more of the Paradox Pokemon, including a strange version of Jigglypuff called Scream Tail. The list of Pokemon also indicates that there are some planned for DLC. One example that CentroLeaks highlights on their Twitter account is Paradox Suicune, who makes an appearance in-game but doesn't appear to be catchable.

It's a shame that the cat's out of the bag more than a week before release, but the good news is that Gen 9 is being received incredibly positively, with almost all of the new Pokemon that are shown in the list getting praised by the community. As always there are some less popular 'mons, but it looks like loveable picks like Lechonk and Fidough are just the beginning.

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