Eville Is Like Among Us, But With Medieval Magic And Fully Fleshed Out Classes

In an Among Us meets Town of Salem style twist, indie developer VestGames is unveiling to the world a new whodunit mystery game where killers and roles are randomly doled out to 12 players.

There’s your townsfolk who, like in Salem, have roles with different purposes and abilities, and then there’s the conspirator – the imposter. It’s up to them to kill the folk just trying to catch a wink of sleep, and break into people’s homes in the dead of night. It’s up to the town to survive. When daylight comes, they choose who to burn. Naturally, if they don’t get the conspirator, then the motions continue until they do or until they all die.

It’s a touch more complex than your bog-standard whodunit with items, roles, upgrades, skills, and a multi-layered map. There’s much more strategy in planning out your conspirator run-through, so it’s a mix of both the usual detective work of the town to sus out who is killing them but there’s also a lot more to being the imposter than just faking tasks and offing people who end up by their lonesome.

Like with Town of Salem, the roles fit into that medieval archetype. There’s the Mayor who boasts more votes, the Trapper who can, as the name suggests, set traps, the Detective who can investigate more thoroughly, or the Slanderer – a Jester of sorts who can throw a spanner in the works by attempting to push the blame onto innocent townfolk.

As for the aforementioned items. The townspeople can spend copper on items and upgrades that will help them wait out the night and the murderer, while the Detective can actually roam about at night to conduct their investigation. All of this will be readily accessible to try out as Eville is set to launch on Steam in Early Access at some point in 2021.

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