Evo 2022 reveals first new Fatal Fury in 20 years

SNK is finally making a new Fatal Fury/Garou sequel, while MultiVersus has shared extra details about its first season of content.

Fans of SNK will be eating well for the foreseeable future. as Evo 2022 saw the company make a number of announcements regarding its current releases, as well as one completely new game.

It was only a brief teaser trailer, but SNK revealed a brand new Fatal Fury/Garou sequel. While it lacks a proper name, the focus on Rock Howard rather than Terry Bogard all but points to it being Garou: Mark Of The Wolves 2.

For context, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves was like the Street Fighter 3 of the Fatal Fury series, with the majority of its roster being entirely new characters and Terry passing the torch of main character to his adopted son Rock.

It came out in 1999 and is still widely regarded as one of the best 2D fighters of all time, but it was also the last Fatal Fury game SNK made, meaning the series has been absent for over 20 years.

The brief trailer is comprised solely of a single piece of artwork, so while it has been greenlit the game may not have even entered development yet – so we’re probably years away from seeing any gameplay, let alone a release.

Aside from that, SNK also had a couple of Samurai Shodown related announcements. The first is that three of its characters – Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger – are coming to The King Of Fighters 15 this autumn as Team Samurai.

Secondly, the 2019 Samurai Shodown game will receive rollback netcode for its online multiplayer next year.

2023 will be a big year for The King Of Fighters 15, since SNK is adding even more DLC. So far, two more characters have been confirmed, in Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan, with more implied to follow. Although it looks like future characters will be added one at a time, meaning no more themed teams.

In addition, crossplay support is coming to the game, so PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players will finally be able to play against each other.

Evo 2022 also played host to many other fighting game related announcements, including a new Street Fighter 6 trailer and a potential teaser for Tekken 8.

MultiVersus also had new information to share about its first season of content. While its start date had to be pushed back, developer Player First Games has revealed that Season 1 will be adding a traditional arcade mode and a ranked mode for online play.

It didn’t share a new start date, but the MultiVersus Twitter account says ‘Stay tuned for an official season 1 announcement date, coming very soon,’ so the wait may not be for much longer.

Feast your eyes on this, MVPs: our Season 1 Snapshot! Stay tuned for an official Season 1 announcement date, coming very soon. #MultiVersus #Evo2022 pic.twitter.com/A5ObXKN7V6

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