Fall Guys Named One Of The "Top Brands" Of The Decade

License Global magazine, a leading publication for licensed consumer products, just released this year’s edition of “The Influentials” report. This provides an in-depth look at which brands were able to capitalize on their time in the pop culture spotlight – and which are poised to make a big showing in the years to come. One of the few video games to find a spot on the list was Fall Guys, mentioned for its incredible ability to cross-promote other brands and becoming the most downloaded game on PS Plus.

The Influentials 2020 is a list that has an incredible amount of research put into it. License Global “collected nominations from its readership, industry colleagues, and thought leaders before making the final selection.” Plenty of well-known brands pop up on the list – Marvel’s Avengers, Netflix’s Stranger Things, The Kardashians – but there are a few entries that come as a surprise.

Fall Guys is one of them.

There’s no denying the impact Fall Guys had upon its release. It quickly became the most downloaded game on PS Plus, garnering millions of players who overwhelmed the servers – leading to long queues just to join a match. License Global believes Fall Guys has started a movement for titles with “stripped-back gameplay” that are “easily understandable,” and expects we’ll see more games following its lead in the years to come.

The company also sees its ability to market with other franchises as an invaluable asset. “Merging battle royale gameplay with family-friendly content, Fall Guys is also proving to be a huge hit with other gaming brands,” reads the report. “Thanks to the in-game currency of Kudos, players can unlock different costumes or skins of other major gaming characters, such as Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, Jacket of Hotline Miami, and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Accessible gameplay, cross-promotion potential, and family-friendly content – the marketing trifecta. We’re not sure Fall Guys will continue to take the world by storm in the coming years – currently sitting at a modest viewer count of three thousand on Twitch – but it sure was a wild ride while it lasted.

The Influentials 2020 report can be found in its entirety in the latest edition of License Global.

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