Fall Guys Teases A Drastic Change To Round Players Claim Is Too Easy

Fall Guys has teased that it will add a rotating arm to Perfect Match after players complained that the round is too easy.

The second season of Fall Guys is now well underway. In fact, most of the game’s dedicated players will have mastered new rounds such as Knight Fever and Wall Guys. That being said, we are still of the belief that Knight Fever is the cruelest race round added so far, and that Thicc Bonkus is a far greater threat to a bean’s success than Big Yeetus ever was.

As is the case with all ever-evolving BR games, shortly after new updates are instigated, players want to know what’s coming next. Good news if that sounds like you as the Fall Guys devs are already hard at work on what new elements will come to the game via the mid-season update.

One of the things players can expect has already been teased on Twitter. Everyone will have their favorite rounds and their least favorite rounds. Most of the picks falling into that latter category will be the tougher rounds, possibly even Slime Climb even though more rounds like what might be Fall Guys’ toughest challenge could be a good thing. However, for some, the game’s easiest round is their pick for the worst.

Perfect Match requires players to do nothing more than keep an eye on the round’s surrounding screens and stand on a tile that matches. Apparently, players have complained it’s too easy, and Fall Guys devs might be about to make it harder. The game’s team tweeted a short video of the new and improved Perfect Match in which a rotating arm has been added to the middle of the platform grid.

The addition of an arm would make Perfect Match similar to Jump Club, but even more difficult to survive. In Jump Club, players can run from the rotating arm for most of the round. In the new and improved Perfect Match, they will have no choice but to stay in one place and jump over it. Some players might be regretting their complaints if this change is put in place later this season.

For everything you could possibly want to know about Fall Guys, check out TheGamer’s exclusive interview with its lead game designer.

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