Fallen Aces Is A Comic-Style First-Person Brawler From New Blood Interactive

New Blood Interactive, the indie studio that just cannot seem to make a bad game, has announced that its latest project will be the first-person brawler Fallen Aces. A comic-style adventure set in what looks like the 1940s, you’ll be punching and kicking gangsters in an environment that seems ripped straight from the pages of a comic book.

Revealed during Realms Deep 2020 today, a short trailer showed off some combat that looks very reminiscent of Condemned: Criminal Origins. The majority of your interaction with enemies will be through melee weapons, though some guns can be procured later on. They likely will have heavy drawbacks since the game puts more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat.

A Steam store page is currently live and gives us some extra information to go off of. Fallen Aces will consist of three different episodes with “dozens of levels.” There will be fully-voiced and hand-drawn comic cutscenes that tell the story. Progression through the world will be non-linear, so you can stumble upon different objectives or missions at your own pace.

Some other touches include fully hand-drawn artwork for character sprites and level textures as well as a live orchestral soundtrack. Everything here is an effort to recreate gangster films, right down to “authentic period era” dialogue. Fuggedaboutit!

Fallen Aces will be coming “soon” to PC. You can currently wishlist the game to receive updates as they become available. New Blood is certainly on a roll and it doesn’t seem like Fallen Aces will derail that momentum.

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