Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory – How To Defeat The Crystal Beast

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Hot on the heels of Cecille, Laendur uncovers rising factions, unsettled troops, and the next big boss Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory has to offer. Nestled away in the dank underbelly of the world is a monstrous crystalline beast with no name – so we dubbed it somewhat creatively, the Crystal Beast.

A large golem by trade, the Crystal Beast likes to potter around caves, conjure powerful crystals, and brutally beat anyone who gets in its way to death. It lives a simple, yet violent, existence, and it’s up to Laendur to put it down. On the bright side, a stockpile of volatile crystals could help in the war effort.

Crystal Beast’s Attacks

The Crystal Beast has one of the simplest movesets we’ve seen so far. This thing does exactly what you’d expect when on the offensive. What makes Crystal Beast interesting is its ability to create powerful Crystals to support it in combat.

2-Hit ComboCrystal Beast throws out two lumbering strikes. The first is a simple swing, but the second is a powerful overhead slam.This attack is incredibly easy to read and parry. It has a long windup, is clearly telegraphed, and has very generous parry timing. You will need to parry both attacks as Crystal Beast does not get interrupted by parries.
3-Hit ComboCrystal Beast throws out three lumbering strikes. The first two attacks are one-armed swings, with the final being an overhead slam.This attack is similar to the last in that the attacks are easy to parry. You can tell which combo Crystal Beast is using by the second attack in the sequence. If he swings at you with one arm, then you know the third hit is coming. If not, you know it’s safe to attack.
CrystallingCrystal Beast summons a Crystalling to aid it in combat. Crystal Beast can cast this multiple times to summon multiple Crystallings.This attack can’t be stopped and is actually a key mechanic to this fight (more on that in a bit). The Crystalings have unique attacks which make them quite dangerous if left alive.
Laser BeamCrystalling moves close to the party, pauses, flashes red, and then fires a multi-hitting, piercing laser beam that deals moderate damage.This attack is an awkward to time. There is a clear telegraph for the attack, however, the attack comes out instantly once it starts.
Helix ProjectileCrystalling flips in place, flashes red, and then fires a helix-shaped projectile at the party.This attack can be reflected, which is fairly easy to do as the projectile doesn’t move all that fast.

Crystal Beast’s Mechanics

Crystal Beast has one mechanic, and it has to do with its Crystalings. This mechanic is hinted at if you have been engaging with the story to boot. Crystal Beast’s Crystalings, when killed, instantly stagger it. This opens it up to a Rushdown Attack for massive damage. You will have to kill all Crystalings on screen for this to happen, however.

This mechanic is key to this fight as Crystal Beast’s BP is functionally infinite, and it takes very little HP damage when attacked. Once Staggered, Crystal Beast's defences are reduced substantially. You can kill Crystal Beast in two or three Rushdown Attacks.

Which Exemplars To Take

The timing of all of Crystal Beast's attacks is easy to master. The only attack in this fight that is remotely difficult to time, is the Laser Beam attack from the Crystalings. Because the offensive game from Crystal Beast is so lacking, you can really take any Exemplar and be fine.

Ideally, you will want to focus on powerful DPS Exemplars. You want to be able to kill Crystal Beast’s Crystalings ASAP. Mjolnir, Winchester, and Jacquine are all great for this, as they all have beefy attacks. Mjolnir’s Link Attack can also be used to parry attacks, which is a nice touch too.

Battle Strategy

Crystal Beast is very simple – parry his easy-to-read attacks until he summons a Crystaling. Once this has happened, time your attacks so you hit/damage/kill the Crystaling. This will Stagger Crystal Beast, opening him up to a powerful Rushdown Attack.

Once Crystal Beast hits roughly 50 percent HP, he will summon two Crystalings. This makes the fight a bit harder as the Crystalings are more likely to attack at the same time as Crystal Beast. The strategy remains the same, however – kill the Crystalings, and end the fight.

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