Fan Finds Tyler, the Creator's Character on 'GTA V'

A fan has scoured the city of Los Santos to find the character that Tyler, the Creator voiced in GTA V.

Despite the rapper’s own announcement from 2013 and the actual game being seven years old, some fans were still surprised to find out that Tyler lent his voice to an NPC in the game. The player can interact with the pedestrian several times, with the character saying lines like “Da*n straight. Aye, you like potato salad? ’Cause I like potato salad, n***a” (an early nod to his collab with A$AP Rocky, maybe?) and “Aye, I’m sick of these n****s thinking families ain’t real, n***a.”

The clip of the interaction that’s floating on social media hears the player rudely tell Tyler’s character to shut up, and this triggers an agressive response from the pedestrian who pulls out a gun and says, “Oh, you want me to beat your a*s, huh?” A fight ensues between the player and the pedestrians, and Tyler’s voice can be heard saying, “Oh, you dead now, motherf*cker,” before being knocked out.

Watch the clip of the interaction below.

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