Fan Recreates Dragon Age: Inquisition In Sims 4, Down To The Smallest Details

The wait for Dragon Age 4 has been a long one. So much so, that we've all revisited the other three games far too many times. So it speaks to the fanbase's dedication that they're still loving the series after all this time without a new instalment.

Being the most popular of the bunch, Inquisition unsurprisingly gets the most love. This was put on display this week when a Sims 4 player showed off an incredible project they'd been working on: recreating Thedas, just as it looks in Inquisition. The finished product looks like something right out of the original game, with all the intricate details painstakingly crafted in The Sims, giving you the perfect fantasy playground to lose yourself in while we wait for the next game.

The Sims-ified world of Thedas is brought to us courtesy of Sims content creator KawaiiFoxita. As you can see in the pictures below, however, it would easily pass as the actual game – or even a remastered version of it. The room in the first image, depicting an interior from the Inquisition's stronghold, is crammed with even more detail than we get in the base game, breathing more life into the setting.

The landscapes are impressive too, with one shot of Haven giving us the snowed-in tavern we can hang out in at the start of Inquisition. Overall, it's a world that looks accurate and lived in, with intricate details really selling the illusion that we're looking at a Dragon Age game.

The long wait for Dragon Age 4 – which has now entered its eighth year – clearly hasn't crushed the fans' spirits. As we covered last weekend, the series is still getting merch, and it's selling out fast. A grey warden bag had sold out just after it was announced, and there was plenty of hype around the launch of a Varric plush pillow. We'll all be straight up inconsolable when the Dragon Age 4 trailer finally drops.

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