Fan Shows Us What A Frasier Game Would Look Like… Hectic

Frasier is coming back. The famed ‘90s sitcom was officially greenlit by Paramount for its Paramount Plus streaming service early last year. Frasier will once again be played by Kelsey Grammar, although we’re not sure who else of the original cast will return.

The show’s first run went for 11 seasons and won 47 Primetime Emmy Awards, five of which were back-to-back wins for Outstanding Comedy Series. There are very few sitcoms with that sort of pedigree as Frasier, but in today’s media landscape, it’s not enough to just pander to peoples' nostalgia. You gotta capture a new audience. And what better way to do that than with a video game tie-in?

This isn’t really an official Frasier video game, but it should be. We’ve got Bristol-based illustrator and designer Tom Waterhouse to thank for this mockup of what could be a 2D Frasier beat ’em up. The idea came from Twitter user @DoctorPizzaMD who suggested a Frasier game along the lines of Turtles in Time or The Simpsons arcade game. Two days later, Waterhouse came back with this pixel art image showcasing the Crane brothers taking on the Moon brothers.

Niles seems to be the more nimble of the Crane brothers by performing a one-handed spin kick, while Frasier is the muscle by hauling a piece of radio equipment to presumably throw at their assailants.

The other two player characters in this four-player beat 'em up would hopefully be Daphne and Roz, but I'd settle for Eddie.

Waterhouse is certainly a fan of 2D brawlers. If you check out his portfolio you'll be treated to several other mockups for Metal Gear Solid 3, Golden Axe, and more. Sort of makes you wonder why there haven’t been more pixel remakes of classic games… other than Final Fantasy that is.

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