Fans Start Petition To Save Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop

Netflix didn't really give Cowboy Bebop a chance. As we reported on Thursday, the show was unceremoniously cancelled after less than a month of the streaming service – while it was still in the top ten most-watched shows.

Now, fans are calling for the show to go on. Petitions for a second season are gathering thousands of signatures, calling on Netflix to give the live-action adaptation another chance to impress audiences.

There are several petitions on calling for Cowboy Bebop to be renewed, with the most popular sitting at around 2,800 signatures at the time of writing, and constantly rising.

Netflix is still yet to officially comment on its cancellation, but the company sure as hell isn't rushing out to deny the reports either. The news was first broken by The Hollywood Reporter three days ago, so Netflix's silence only really confirms it.

Of course, it has to be noted that a good amount of people are also celebrating its cancellation. Awkward dialogue and unpopular story changes left many fans of the original anime feeling as if the live-action adaption was inferior. Even those signing the petition are leaving comments acknowledging its faults, yet feel that it could have found its footing with another ten episodes.

Of course, regardless of your opinion on the show, it adds to Netflix's disturbing trend of axing shows at the first sign of trouble. The source that first revealed the decision explained that it was made because of a significant viewer drop off after its first week. But all this shows is that the service only really cares about the short term, suggesting that any future Netflix Originals will have to reach groundbreaking success right out of the gate to get renewed.

Netflix has walked back on unpopular cancellations in the past, albeit not entirely to the satisfaction of viewers. When Sense8 was axed with a cliffhanger ending, the company eventually commissioned a finale so it could be wrapped up – but not the third season that the creators and fans were gunning for. The service has become a bit more brutal since, so it would likely take a huge outcry for that to be considered for Cowboy Bebop.

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