Farming Simulator 22: 7 Beginner Tips

Farming Simulator 22 is the latest iteration in the long-running farming franchise. Equal parts relaxing and challening, Farming Simulator appeals to people who love intensive simulation games that feature tons of moving parts but it also appeals to those who want to just take in the sights of sounds of agricultural life. No matter which side of the fence you happen to be on, Farming Simulator 22 is here to offer you more agrarian goodness.

By nature, Farming Simulator games are quite overwhelming, especially if you have never actually played one of these games before. There is an incredibly steep learning curve to this game, especially if you actually want to build and maintain a thriving farm. Whether you are brand new to Farming Simulator 22 or if you have experience with previous iterations, the following beginner tips should help get you up to speed.

7 Which Type Of Experience To Enjoy?

Farming Simulator 22 features three different difficulty modes depending on the type of experience you want to have in the game. You can choose from New Farmer (Easy), Farm-Manager (Medium), or Start from Scratch (Hard). The game breaks down what each difficulty mode offers for new players to the game.

Likely the best option for most players is going to be New Farmer or Farm-Manager. Even on the New Farmer easy mode, there are still a ton of gameplay mechanics to get to grips with, something that can feel overwhelming and intimidating. The Start from Scratch mode should really only be played if you have extensive experience with the Farming Simulator series.

6 Choose A Map To Build A Thriving Farm

Farming Simulator 22 features three diverse and highly explorable maps to create and nuture your farm. You can choose from Elmcreek, Haut-Beyleron, or Erlengrat. Each of these three maps looks and feels different and takes place in various parts of the world. However, something to keep in mind is that only Elmcreek and Haut-Beyleron have a guided tour mode.

There really isn't an incorrect choice when it comes to what map to curate your farming experience. Elmcreek is a pretty traditional farmland area, Haut-Beyleron is a location that looks like somewhere in France and has plenty of rolling hills and even a castle, where as Erlengrat has the vibes of a mountainous region in the Swiss Alps, replete with charming villages and a large lake.

5 Be Sure To Go Through The Guided Tutorial

One of the very best things you can do as a new player to Farming Simulator is to go through the extensive and highly in-depth guided tour on either the Elmcreek or Haut-Beyleron map. This guided tour acts as a lengthy tutorial, getting you ready to run and manage your farm, as well as understanding each of the main farm machinery vehicles.

Jumping into this game, especially having not played a previosu entry, likely means you will be in over your head, unable to understand how to even start progressing and cultivating your farmland. There's no rush to go through this guided tour. It teaches you the buttons to use and the prompts to look for in the world.

4 Understanding The Various Farmland Crop Types

It should probably come as no surprise that Farming Simulator 22 features a vasy array of farmland, crops, and seeds. What makes the game's crop system so robust is that certain crops can only be planted in specific seasons, just like in the real world. Depending on the map you chose to start your farm, you will have a specific set of crops at your disposal.

Some of the game's crops include wheat, canola, barley, oat, soybeans, grapes, and olives, just to name a handful of them. You will need to take into account the weather, season, climate, and region in order to have your crops thrives. Learning to be flexible is a key to success in this game since you will likely have to change out a whole area of farm land as the seasons shifts. Plus, certain crops are worth more than others, depending on the contracts you pick up.

3 How To Start Making Some Money

Farming Simulator 22 features a boatload of ways to make money, however, the process won't be easy or quick. Making money and building up your farm in this game requires you to take your harvested crops to specific selling spots dotted around the game's maps. Simply put, the best way to make quick cash is to take a bulk amount of a harvest to main selling spots. You can locate these from the game's map.

Alternatively, you can purchase factories to create other products out of your harvested crops that can also turn a profit. Selling stalls can be purchased and built to sell directly, or, you can even buy a greenhouse to plant and harvest smaller, more specific items. Diversifying the way you build your farm will ensure you are obtaining money from various sources.

2 Preparing Farm Machinery For Use

Each and every piece of farm machinery in Farming Simulator 22 needs understood in order to fully get the most from your farm. There are dozens upon dozens of farm machines and vehicles from tractors to combine harvesters to machines that help plow the fields and lay down seeds. Anyone that has played a Farming Simulator game will know that each farm machine has its own unique gameplay aspects to get to grips with.

One of the most important things to keep in mind as a beginner to the game is that you need to manually prep each machine or vehicle which typically includes attaching specific parts or tools. For example, in order to properly using the combine harvester, you will need get into the vehicle, start it, attach the front harvester part, and then lower it down to actually perform the harvesting.

1 You Can Hire AI Farm Workers

One of the most unique aspects to Farming Simulator 22 is that you can hire AI farm workers to perform farming tasks that you have setup. If you prepare an area of farm land and need to plow lines in order to lay seeds, you can prepare the machine and then press a button to hire an AI worker who will continue that work.

At any time during play, you can simply hop between AI workers to see what each of them are doing, how the work is coming along, and to regain control if you opt to perform the task yourself. Managing your farm also means managing your AI workers. This will lead to efficiency, better harvesting, and increased profits overall.

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