FIFA 20 release date announced for September

EA has confirmed the exact release date of this year’s FIFA and released a short teaser trailer hyping up Saturday’s full game reveal.

It’s not exactly hard to guess a rough date for a new FIFA game but EA has given a specific date for FIFA 20, with the game due out on 27 September.

It’ll be released on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC, but so far there’s no word on the Switch version or any hint of Stadia.

The teaser is also to advertise the fact that, although EA aren’t at E3 itself, they have a half hour livestream about FIFA due to take place at 7pm BST tomorrow.

FIFA 20 will be officially announced a few hours before that though, at 3pm UK time, with a video on YouTube – which will probably be the first time you see any gameplay footage.

You might also notice in the trailer what seems to be a flickering ‘V’ symbol, which EA has already used in conjunction with the game and which some believe is a hint at a five-a-side mode.

EA did promise a number of major gameplay changes in a recent blog, including improved defending for computer-controlled characters, timed finishing, and manual goalkeepers.

Perhaps the biggest question about FIFA 20 though is what the tagline ‘The stadium is anywhere’ means.

Is that, as some think, a reference to cross-play or simply the number of formats the game will be released on – perhaps including Stadia?

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