FIFA 23 Player Career Mode Will Have RPG-Style Personality Points

The upcoming FIFA 23 game is set to be the final product between the footballing organization and EA. As the partnership between the two dissolves, fans are eager to see what this potentially final entry in the series will bring. The little that has been revealed shows that the sports game will lean more heavily into the RPG aspects of becoming an athlete, including added personality points to career mode.

In a recently released “deep dive” video, the folks at EA offer a look at the updated career mode. With previous entries in the series, players followed a point-to-point path. This meant that players went from practice minigames straight into actual matches and back again. With FIFA 23, there will be roleplaying opportunities in between those practices and matches to flesh out the player's character.

Scenarios like hanging out with teammates off the field or participating in post-game interviews will help build your character’s personality. Similarly, the game will monitor what you decide to spend your hard-earned cash on and award personality points accordingly. For example, if you purchase a personal trainer, it shows you are investing long term into your career. Meanwhile, buying that sports car shows frivolity that alters the type of player you become.

The game develops players through three different personality types: Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat. The type of personality you develop changes your character’s playstyle on the field. Mavericks tend to be risk takers on the field, opting not to pass to the teammate and taking the shot themselves. Similarly, Heartbeat players put the team first and will look to work together to make the goal.

Other changes include the option to take control of real-life managers and play-the-moments options. The game is set to release on September 30.

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