Final Fantasy 10-2: All Special Dressphere Locations

Final Fantasy 10-2 offers a unique way of changing up the job class of its three leading ladies — Dresspheres. Throughout the game, you can find and equip various Dresspheres to give Yuna, Rikku, and Paine different roles while in battle. You can also change Dresspheres on the fly during battle to really mix things up.

While most Dresspheres obtained can be equipped by all three characters, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine all get their own individual Special Dressphere that can only they can equip. Finding your first Special Dressphere will unlock the Speciality achievement/trophy. We have a full guide on where to find each Special Dressphere right here.

Paine’s Special Dressphere: Full Throttle

  • Obtained: Chapter 1 or 2
  • Location: Macalania Woods

This is the only missable Special Dressphere. It can be obtained in either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2.

Tromell the Guado can be found in Macalania Woods in the same area that you fought the Spheripmorph in Final Fantasy 10. Speak to him four times (each time will trigger a cutscene, simply engage him again after each one ends) and he will finally give you the Full Throttle Dressphere for Paine.

Yuna’s Special Dressphere: Floral Fallal

  • Obtained: Chapter 2
  • Location: Djose Highroad (just south of Djose Temple)

During Chapter 2 when you are looking for some Leblanc Syndicate uniforms, you will encounter a cutscene of two Leblanc goons discussing losing a Dessphere on the Djose Highroad.

This will begin a new mission to find the Dressphere. Keep traveling south on the Djose Highroad and you’ll eventually see the glowing orb hidden behind a rock. Ormi and Logos will then appear and you’ll have to battle them.

Rikku’s Special Dressphere: Machina Maw

  • Obtained: Chapter 2
  • Location: Bikanel Desert Oasis

During Chapter 2 while you are looking for the Leblanc Syndicate uniforms, Nhadala in the Bikanel Desert will ask you to investigate the Oasis as strange things have been washing ashore.

Head to the Oasis and you will see the glowing orb. Once you collect it, a cutscene will play where Logos and some goons appear and you’ll have to defeat them in battle.

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