Final Fantasy 14: Aglaia Raid Walkthrough Guide

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Aglaia is a level 90, 24-player Alliance Raid in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, and the first part of the Myths of the Realm Raid series. After traveling through the newly opened portal to the realm of the gods, you will be challenged to defeat them in combat.

In Aglaia, you will face four of the Twelve deities of Eorzean mythology, Byregot, Rhalgr, Azeyma, and Nald'thal. Assemble your comrades, and enter the realm of the gods. Let's take a look at each boss you'll encounter in this raid, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Aglaia

The first raid in the Myths of the Realm series can be started by accepting the following quest.

  • Accept the quest 'A Mission in Mor Dhona'
    • NPC Location: Fresh-faced Student – Old Sharlayan (X:9.1, Y:11.5)

    This quest will only appear after completing the Main Scenario Quest 'A Brother's Grief'.


    The first boss of Aglaia is Byregot, the Builder. At the beginning of the fight, the arena will be surrounded by walls, preventing you from falling off. However, this will change when the fight transitions into phase two. Byregot's attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

    Phase One

    • Ordeal of Thunder: Deals damage to all party members. Use AoE heals to recover.
    • Byregot's Strike: Byregot will deal damage and knockback from a blue AoE circle. Only players standing in the AoE will take damage.
      • Builder's Build: Byregot will periodically use this attack before Byregot's Strike, slightly changing its effect. With this buff active, Byregot will additionally attack with four lightning cone AoEs from the point of impact. To avoid this attack, move adjacent to the cone AoE so that you will be in position to avoid it when Byregot's Strike is cast.
    • Byregot's Ward: Deals high damage to the main Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate this damage.
    • Phase Two

      To begin this phase, Byregot will leap to the center of the arena before creating two line AoEs on either side, quickly dealing damage and destroying part of the platform and removing the walls of the arena. Then, Byregot will use the following attacks.

      • Hammer Divine: Byregot will summon four hammers around the edges of the arena. After a short delay, the hammers will slam into the platform, shifting the tiles over by one space. This will not move you, so make sure you are not standing on the edge tiles, or you will fall off the arena.
      • Levinforge: Byregot will summon a hammer to the arena that creates a large line AoE. Shortly after, Byregot will use Hammer Divine to shift the arena, moving the summoned hammer in the process. To avoid getting hit by Levinforge, predict where the hammer will end up, and move accordingly to a safe tile.
      • Byregot's Spire: Byregot will move to one end of the arena before readying a large AoE that covers most of the arena. At the same time, he will use Hammer Divine again, shifting the arena platform. To avoid Byregot's Spire, wait for the arena to shift before moving to a safe tile. The best way to avoid this attack is to find a row of tiles that will be moved outside the AoE, then stand on the tile furthest from the striking hammer.

      Phase Three

      After Byregot uses Byregot's Spire the first time, he will now add the following attack to his rotation.

      • Reproduce: Byregot will summon copies of himself along one edge of the arena. After a short delay, the copies will move across the arena, dealing damage in AoE circles at set intervals. Before the copies begin moving, Byregot will charge up three of them, causing to move faster.
        • To avoid this attack, look for either of the two copies that are not charged and stand in their path. Then, once the charged copies move past, move into their lane to avoid the un-charged copies' attacks.

        After Reproduce, Byregot will repeat all of these attacks until he is defeated. Watch carefully during Hammer Divine and move accordingly to dodge each AoE as it appears.

        Rhalgr's Emissary

        The second encounter of Aglaia is Rhalgr's Emissary. This mini-boss will use the following attacks and mechanics.

        • Destructive Static: Deals damage to the half of the arena in front of the boss. Move behind Rhalgr's Emissary to avoid getting hit.
          • Lightning Orbs: When the message "Destructive charges are on the move!" appears, watch for two lightning orbs to start circling the arena. They will draw a line around two quadrants of the arena before blasting those areas with an AoE attack. Watch the line of the orbs and move accordingly to avoid getting hit.
        • Lightning Bolt: Random players will be targeted with AoE circle attacks. Spread out and avoid each AoE as they appear.
        • Bolts from the Blue: Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
        • Boltloop: A series of three AoE attacks, starting with a large circle AoE. The AoE will then cascade outward, dealing damage two more times in a ring AoE. Avoid each instance of the AoE when it appears.
        • Destructive Strike: Deals high damage to the main Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate.
        • Rhalgr

          The second boss of Aglaia is Rhalgr, the Destroyer. This fight will take place in a hand-shaped arena, which will come into play for certain mechanics. Rhalgr's attacks are detailed below.

          • Lightning Reign: Deals damage to all party members. Be prepared to recover the party's health with AoE healing.
          • Destructive Bolt: Deals high damage to all three Tanks. Each Tank should use defensive cooldowns as necessary and spread out from other players.
          • Advent of the Eighth: Rhalgr will summon two portals at the north side of the arena. Immediately after, Rhalgr will cast Hand of the Destroyer.
            • Hand of the Destroyer: Rhalgr will randomly choose one of the portals to punch through, indicated by the color of the two smaller portals at his side. He will ready his fist towards the one he intends to attack through. To avoid taking damage and being knocked off the arena, move near the large portal that Rhalgr is not about to attack through.

            • Broken World: Rhalgr will summon a large meteor to the northern side of the arena. This attack does higher damage the closer you are to it, so move to the opposite end of the arena to take less damage.
              • Advent of the Eighth: Rhalgr will sometimes cast Advent of the Eighth with Broken World. If this occurs, Hand of the Destroyer will instead punch the meteor just before it lands, shattering it into several smaller AoEs on the other side of the arena. To avoid this, move underneath the original Broken World AoE.
              • Additionally, a third version of this attack can occur, in which Rhalgr summons both portals from Advent of the Eighth, but uses Hand of the Destroyer on the opposite one from Broken World. This means you will need to move to the correct half of the arena to avoid Hand of the Destroyer, while also moving far enough away from the Broken World meteor.
                • AoE markers will also target players after the meteor explodes, so quickly spread out from each other after avoiding the meteor.

                • Rhalgr's Beacon: Rhalgr will target part of the palm with a large purple AoE that knocks back. To avoid being knocked off the arena, move in front of one of the fingers to be knocked into the fingertip. Use the provided green lines to determine the trajectory you will take after being knocked back.
                  • Hell of Lightning: Subsequent uses of this attack will also create lightning AoEs on each finger except for one. Find the finger that is free of AoEs and move there to avoid taking damage and being knocked of the arena.
                • Bronze Work: Rhalgr will attack with two sets of cone-shaped AoEs that cover the arena. To avoid this attack, stand in the second set of AoEs until the first ones go off, then move into the newly created safe spot. Additionally, lightning AoEs will also occur at this time, so avoid them as you deal with Bronze Work.
                • Rhalgr will repeat all of these attacks and mechanics until he is defeated. Watch carefully during the Advent of the Eighth, Hand of the Destroyer, and Broken World combo, as this can deal high damage and knock you off the arena.

                  Lion And Lioness Of Aglaia

                  The second mini-boss of Aglaia are the Lion and Lioness of Aglaia, who will use the following attacks in tandem.

                  • Double Immolation: Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE heals.
                  • Slash and Burn: The Lion and Lioness will use a ring-shaped AoE and a point-blank AoE one after the other, indicated by the numbered markers above their heads. Determine the order these occur in and move accordingly to avoid.
                  • Roaring Blaze: The Lion and Lioness will each use a half-room AoE, also in order of the markers above their heads. Avoid each AoE by watching which boss will attack first.

                  The Lion and Lioness of Aglaia will repeat these attacks until they are defeated. Simply watch which order they will attack in and dodge the AoEs accordingly to defeat this mini-boss.


                  The third boss of Aglaia is Azeyma, the Warden. This boss will use the following attacks and mechanics throughout the fight.

                  • Warden's Prominance: Deals damage to all party members. Have AoE heals ready to restore the party's health.
                  • Warden's Warmth: Deals high damage to all three main Tanks. Spread out from other players and use defensive cooldowns as necessary.
                  • Solar Wings: Azeyma will attack with two wide cone AoEs to either side of her, creating two small cone safe spots to her front and back. This attack will additionally create three Sunstorm orbs on either side of the arena, which will explode in a larger AoE after a short delay. To avoid these attacks, move to the safe spot to the front or back of Azeyma and stay there until the orbs explode.
                    • Sun's Shine: Azeyma will sometimes cast Sun's Shine immediately after Solar Wings, creating three clones that dash towards one row of Sunstorm orbs. Then, they will cast Hot Air, pushing the orbs to the opposite side of the arena and creating a safe spot directly underneath them. To avoid this combo, move to the same side of the arena as the clones and stay there until all orbs explode.

                    • Solar Fans: Azeyma will throw both of her fans to the sides of the arena, dealing damage in a line AoE along the path. Immediately after, she will cast Radiant Rhythm.
                      • Radiant Rhythm: Azeyma's fans will move around the edge of the arena in quarter-circle intervals, dealing damage in the area each time they move. The fans will move four or fives times before stopping and exploding in a large circle AoE. Avoid this combo of attacks by staying close to Azeyma, then count the number of times the fans move. When they stop, quickly determine their position and move to a spot adjacent to them to avoid the large AoE that follows.
                        • The next time this attack is used, the fans will move the opposite number of times than they did the first time. For example, if the fans moved four times on Radiant Rhythm One, they will move five times on Radiant Rhythm Two. Keep this in mind to better determine where the fans will end up.
                      • Fleeting Spark: Azeyma will use this attack immediately after Radiant Rhythm. This attack is a large 270 degree AoE to the front of the boss. To avoid Fleeting Spark, move behind Azeyma.
                      • Solar Fold: Azeyma will attack in a cross shape from her center, dealing damage in the area. Then, four rectangular fire AoEs will remain and begin to grow over time until they form the original cross AoE shape. Avoid standing in the fire AoEs until they disappear.
                        • Sun's Shine: Azeyma has a chance to use Sun's Shine during Solar Fold, creating two clones that move to different quadrants of the arena. Then, they will use Hot Air, blowing the flames from the persistent AoE into the opposite quadrant. To avoid this attack, move to the same quadrant as one of the clones.
                          • Later uses of this attack will have Azeyma summon three clones from Sun's Shine, meaning that one clone will be aiming Hot Air at another. To avoid being hit by the fire AoE, find the quadrant where a clone is not aiming and move there.
                            • Wildfire Ward: Azeyma will cover the arena in fire, except for a triangle in the center. The persistent flames will apply burn, dealing damage over time, so avoid stepping into the fire as you avoid the next attack.
                              • Illuminating Glimpse: Azeyma's clones will attack three times along the edges of the triangle, knocking back players with each pass. To avoid being knocked into the flames, stand on the edge the knock back is originating from and position yourself so that you are knocked into the opposite point of the triangle. This attack does moderate damage each time, so Healers should be prepared to recover the party's health.
                            • Noble Dawn: Azeyma will create a sun in the center of the arena that fires off three sets of circular AoEs that grow in size. To avoid this attack, avoid the first two sets of AoEs by moving out of the indicator, then move back into those areas to avoid the third set.
                            • Siblime Sunset: Azeyma will target the side of the arena she is facing with a large proximity AoE. Move to the opposite side to reduce the damage you take from this attack.
                            • Azeyma will repeat all of these attacks and mechanics until she is defeated. Watch each of Azeyma's attacks carefully, and make note of when she uses Sun's Shine to be prepared to avoid additional mechanics from the summoned clones.


                              The final boss of Aglaia is Nald'thal, the Traders. The main mechanic of this fight is that Nald'thal will create two variations of the same attack at once, but only one of them will go off. You can tell which attack is the active version by looking at the edge of the arena, or the lanterns floating around the boss. Additionally, Nald'thal will sometimes switch which version is being cast midway through the cast bar, so always watch the cast bar carefully.

                              Phase One

                              • As Above, So Below: Nald'thal will deal damage to all party members and turn the walls of the arena orange or blue, which will indicate which AoE of his next attack occurs.
                                • Heat Above, Flames Below: This attack will create an orange point-blank AoE around the boss and a blue ring-AoE covering the rest of the arena. However, only one of these attacks will go off, indicated by what color the wall of the arena is.
                                  • If the wall is orange, then the point-blank orange AoE will explode. Move outside the AoE indicator to avoid.
                                  • If the wall is blue, the ring-shaped blue AoE will explode. Move inside the point-blank AoE to avoid.
                                • Far Above, Deep Below: Three party members will be targeted by blue tracking AoEs, and one other player will be targeted with an orange line stack marker. Which one of these attacks occurs also depends on the arena's wall color.
                                  • If the wall is orange, the orange line stack marker will go off. All players should group up on the targeted player's position.
                                  • If the wall is blue, the blue tracking AoEs will go off. The three targeted players should move to the edges of the arena and move around it to avoid each instance of the following AoEs.
                                  • Once Above, Ever Below: Nald'thal will create two sets of three orange moving AoE markers, and two sets of three blue moving AoE markers. Again, which set of AoEs resolves depends on the color of the wall of the arena.
                                    • The orange and blue versions of this attack are both avoided in the same way; move to the opposite side of the arena to avoid the AoEs as they move.
                                      • Heavens' Trial: Nald'thal will target three players with tracking cone-shaped AoEs, while another party member is targeted with a stack marker. The players targeted by AoEs should spread out from other players, while all other players group up on the stack marker-targeted player to spread out the damage of this attack.
                                      • Golden Tenet: Targets one of three Tanks with a high damage stack marker. All three Tanks should group together to spread out the damage of this attack.
                                      • Stygian Tenet: Targets all three Tanks with a high damage attack. Spread out and use defensive cooldowns as necessary.
                                      • Hell of Fire: Nald'thal will target one half of the arena in an AoE, indicating by where the purple light is glowing towards. Nald'thal can flip the upper half of his body to the opposite side of the arena during this attack, causing him to instead target the other half of the arena. Watch where the glow is shining and move accordingly to avoid.
                                      • Wayward Soul: Nald'thal will summon large orbs that slowly descend to the arena, exploding in large AoEs where they land. Watch the position of each orb and move accordingly to avoid them when they land.
                                      • Fired Up: Nald'thal will mark an area in the arena before targeting it with a knockback or point-blank AoE. He will then repeat this attack a second or third time before casting Fortune's Flux.
                                        • Fortune's Flux: Nald'thal will leap to each marker in order, indicated by the number of diamonds above the marker, performing the indicated attack. To avoid this combo, stand next to the knock back marker, and make sure you aren't positioned to be knocked into the point-blank AoE that may follow.

                                        Phase Two

                                        As this phase begins, Nald'thal will move to the edge of the arena, becoming untargetable. Then, he will summon three Soul Vessels that each target an Alliance and tether to them, indicating them as their targets.

                                        • Soul Vessels: Each of the three Soul Vessels must be fought by a seperate Alliance, and they will use the following two attacks.
                                          • Twingaze: A frontal cone AoE targeted at a random player. Move outside the AoE indicator to avoid.
                                          • Magmatic Spell: A stack marker targeted at a random player. Group up with the affected player in your group only.

                                          After all three Soul Vessels are defeated, Nald'thal will summon his scales and begin to pass judgment. All players, and the three Soul Vessels, will be given a weight above their head. You must balance the scales by moving the correct amount of weight between each side of the arena.

                                          Keep in mind that the Soul Vessels will not move, and their weights will count for roughly five to six players worth. The best way to balance the scales is to move to the opposite side of the arena as the Soul Vessel your Alliance defeated. Then, a few players should move to the other side to balance both out.

                                          After a few moments of balancing, Nald'thal will cast Tipped Scales, dealing lethal damage if the scales are not balanced. If you completed this mechanic correctly, you will survive Tipped Scales and move into phase three.

                                          Phase Three

                                          In this phase, Nald'thal will use all attacks from the first phase, plus one new attack, listed below.

                                          • Hearth Above, Flight Below: This attack is a combination of several As Above, So Below attacks, namely Heat Above, Flames Below and Far Above, Deep Below. These attacks resolve in the same way as before, and are avoided similarly.
                                            • If the wall is orange, stand outside the point-blank AoE and group up with the player targeted with a stack marker.
                                            • If the wall is blue, first stand inside the point-blank AoE close to Nald'thal, then the three targeted players should quickly run to the edges of the arena to avoid their chasing AoEs.

                                            Nald'thal will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Pay close attention to the walls of the arena throughout the fight to determine which color of AoE attack is the dangerous one, and move accordingly to avoid these mechanics.

                                            After Nald'thal is defeated, Aglaia will be complete. Roll on your loot and you will have beaten the first of the Myths of the Realm Raids.

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