Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – How To Unlock The Sage Job

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Everyone loves getting to grips with new job roles whenever they land in Final Fantasy 14, and with the launch of Endwalker expansion, two new jobs haves have been added — Reaper and Sage. If you're ready to take on the pressure of keeping your whole party alive as a healer, Sage might just be the job for you.

This new job We've got everything you need to know about how to find and complete the starting quest to unlock Sage right here. Once unlocked, Sage's job level begins at level 70.

Sage's Path Quest Walkthrough

To unlock the Sage job you must speak to the Sharlayan Maiden in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.4 Y:12.9) and complete the quest 'Sage's Path'. In order to accept this quest, you must be a Disciple of War or Magic at level 70 and have purchased the Endwalker expansion.

After the cutscene, you need to head to the Zephyr Gate in Middle La Noscea at (X:20.9, Y:24.7) — the easiest way to do this is to interact with the Aetheryte/Aethernet and select the Zephyr Gate (providing you have found all Aethernets in Limsa Lominsa). Speak with Lalah Jinjahl again to continue the quest.

After the cutscene, speak with Lalah Jinjahl to complete the quest to receive the Soul of the Sage, Bookwyrm's Attire Coffer, and high-quality Stonegold Milpreves — everything you need to become a Sage.

How To Change To The Sage Job

Equip your new Stonegold Milpreves in the Character menu to change to Sage.

Don't forget to use your Bookwyrm's Attire Coffer and equip your new gear, then you'll be ready for your first job quest! Speak to Lalah Jinjahl to accept "Sage's Focus" and get an introduction to your brand new job role.

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