Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – Vanaspati Dungeon Guide

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Vanaspati is a level 85 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. The Final Days have begun, and you and your allies are charged with protecting the Thavnairian forest of Vanaspati. Journey through the dungeon and defeat the blasphemous creatures of the Final Days.

Vanaspati is full of dangerous enemies that may give you a hard time. You'll need to prepare accordingly if you want to make it to the depths of this forest. Let's go over each boss in Vanaspati and how you can beat them.

How To Unlock Vanaspati

Vanaspati is unlocked through the Main Scenario from the following quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'Skies Aflame'
    • NPC Location: Tataru – Old Sharlayan (x:9.1, y:11.3)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    You will face three bosses in Vanaspati, each of moderate difficulty. Between each boss is a series of trash mobs that should be grouped together and defeated using AoE rotations. If you are clearing this dungeon with Trusts, watch closely what your allies do to see where they move during each attack. This is a good way of learning the mechanics on your own. Regardless, listed below are the three bosses you will find in this dungeon, as well as each of their attacks and mechanics.

    Terminus Snatcher

    The first boss of Vanaspati is the Terminus Snatcher. Listed below are each of this boss's attacks.

    • Last Grasp: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate this damage.
    • Note of Despair: Deals damage to all party members. The Healer should prepare with AoE heals.
    • Mouth Off: The Terminus Snatcher will summon five untargetable mouths around the arena. All five mouths will have a speech bubble; three of them will say something while the other two will remain silent (indicated by "…"). The three talking mouths will, after a short delay, release a large AoE centered on themselves, while the silent mouths will not. Move to the mouths with "…" to avoid this attack.
    • What is Left/Right: The boss will deal damage to the left or right side of the arena, respectively. Watch for the boss's casting bar before moving to the safe side of the arena.
    • Lost Hope: Inflicts all players with Temporary Misdirection, confusing their movement inputs. A spinning finger will appear above each player's head, indicating the direction they will move when pressing the movement button. This attack will occur during Mouth Off, making it more difficult to reach the safe area.
    • Wallow: Places a red AoE marker on all players. Spread out from other players to avoid overlapping these AoEs. This attack will occur during What is Left/Right or Mouth Off, so be careful when avoiding those mechanics as well.

    Terminus Snatcher will overlap these attacks, forcing you to dodge AoEs from Mouth Off while also moving to the left or right of the boss during What is Left/Right. Pay attention to what the boss is doing, and you'll be able to defeat the Terminus Snatcher and move on to the next boss.

    Terminus Wrecker

    Terminus Wrecker is the second boss of Vanaspati. This boss will utilize fire and water attacks, and each of its mechanics are listed below.

    • Total Wreck: Deals high damage to the Tank. Mitigate as necessary.
    • Meaningless Destruction: Deals damage to all party members. Heal as necessary.
    • Poison Heart: Terminus Wrecker will place a stack marker on a random player. Group up on the affected player's position to spread the damage of this attack.
    • Unholy Water: Summons six water orbs around the arena. Entering one of these orbs will apply fetters, making you unable to move, as well as inflicting water resistance down and making you immune to fire damage.
    • Aether Siphon: The boss will siphon aether from either the burning buildings or lake, infusing them with fire or water aether, respectively. Then, it will cast one of the following two attacks, depending on which type of aether was siphoned.
      • Aether Spray – Fire: Deals high fire damage to all players. Enter one of the water orbs from before to make yourself immune to this attack.
      • Aether Spray – Water: Deals damage and knockback players from the center of the arena. Stand in between two of the orbs to avoid being knocked into one. Getting knocked into one of the water orbs will deal high damage and stun you.

      After the first cast of Aether Siphon, the boss will alternate between fire and water. Remember what to do during each and you'll be able to defeat Terminus Wrecker and move further into the dungeon.


      The final boss of Vanaspati is Svarbhanu. This Blasphemy will use a variety of difficult mechanics, so be prepared. Additionally, the arena surrounding the boss will apply bleeding and slight damage to players who enter, so avoid going near the edge of the arena. Each of the boss's attacks are listed below.

      • Gnashing of Teeth: Deals high damage to the Tank. Mitigate using defensive cooldowns as you've been doing.
      • Flames of Decay: Deals damage to all party members. Apply AoE healing and shields as necessary.
      • Aetherial Disruption: This is the boss's main mechanic that will be repeated numerous times throughout the fight. Svarbhanu will split the arena into four lanes before making each lane either red or blue. Shortly after, a red circle or blue triangle will appear overlaying your screen. The color of the symbol indicated which two of the four lanes will explode and deal damage. For example, if a red circle appears on your screen, move to one of the blue lanes to avoid this attack. After the first use of this attack, Aetherial Disruption will always be followed by Crumbling Sky.

      • Crumbling Sky: Causes one or both of the following effects to occur during Aetherial Disruption.
        • Knockback: Causes all players to be knocked back from the center of the arena. Be sure to be pushed into the correct lane during Aetherial Disruption.
        • AoE: Places an AoE marker on all players that will explode at the same time the lanes explode in Aetherial Disruption. Spread out to avoid overlapping this AoE with the rest of your party, while also making sure to stay in the correct color lane.
      • Meteors: Svarbhanu will fly into the sky and use a series of attacks. First, the boss will summon meteors in different patterns. Similar to Aetherial Disruption, these meteors will appear in lanes, with three meteors appearing at a time. Find the gap in the meteor pattern and move accordingly to avoid the first part of this attack.
        • Next, circular AoEs will spawn around the arena at random. You will need to avoid these AoEs while dodging the meteors from before.
        • This sequence of attacks will occur three times before the boss flies back to the arena.
        • After you have seen each of these attacks at least once, Svarbhanu will begin to repeat and overlap them. During Aetherial Disruption, there is a chance for Crumbling Sky to cause both knockback and AoE effects to take place, so be careful where you are knocked back to. Continue on with the knowledge you've gained and you'll be able to defeat Svarbhanu and complete Vanaspati.

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