Final Fantasy 14 Patch Makes Less Gear Gender-Locked

Final Fantasy 14 sparks the imagination of many who play it and the game allows people to dress up and accessorise. But there are limits to what players can do since the game has gender locks on certain gear. In Patch 6.2, however, the developers have removed some more of these gender locks, enabling the ability to dress up your character in a greater variety of ways.

The previous Patch 6.1 changed a bunch of gear that was previously gender-locked to unlocked. In Patch 6.2 more gear has been freed up in this manner, and the focus seems to be Stormblood-era gear found on the Online Store (thanks Fanbyte).

These unlocked items include:

  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Hat
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Tunic
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Armband
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Bottoms
  • Far Eastern Maiden’s Boots
  • Eastern Socialite’s Hat
  • Eastern Socialite’s Cheongsam
  • Eastern Socialite’s Gloves
  • Eastern Socialite’s Skirt
  • Eastern Socialite’s Boots
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Hat
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Robe
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Armband
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Bottoms
  • Far Eastern Officer’s Boots
  • Mun’gaek Hat
  • Mun’gaek Uibok
  • Mun’gaek Cuffs
  • Mun’gaek Trousers
  • Mun’gaek Boots

Patch 6.2 is coming early next week, on August 23, so players will soon be able to mix and match the four full sets of gear from the Online Store, which will be available to either gender. The patch also contains some other major new additions. These include a new wing of the Pandaemonium raid; Island Sanctuary; new story quests, new unknown Trial, new Unreal trial, and a new MSQ dungeon.

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