Final Fantasy 16 is PS5 exclusive, abandons sci-fi for Game of Thrones

Square Enix has announced the next mainline Final Fantasy game, with a more traditional fantasy setting than recent games.

The rumours were right on the money: Final Fantasy 16 was announced as part of Sony’s latest PS5 Showcase and not only that but it’s a PlayStation 5 console exclusive (meaning it’ll be on PC but not Xbox).

There’s a possibility it could only be a timed exclusive but given Sony’s long-standing relationship with Square Enix that seems relatively unlikely.

The trailer reveal was pretty long and showed a game that seems to have abandoned the sci-fi elements of most modern entries in favour of a purely fantasy setting, that appears to have more than a touch of Game Of Thrones about it.

The game is being overseen by Final Fantasy 14 veterans Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai, but rather than an MMO Final Fantasy 16 seems to be a traditional single-player role-playing game (well, it might have multiplayer but only as an option).

Square Enix hasn’t revealed any official information that you can’t glean from the trailer, which is stuffed full of Final Fantasy tropes, including chocobos, crystals, and what sounds like a good old-fashioned miasma.

The graphics looked good, if not notably better than anything on the PlayStation 4, but the most eye-catching element were the battles.

These seemed to be even more action-orientated than Final Fantasy 7 Remake and could almost be mistaken for a game like Devil May Cry. Although whether that’s how they play remains to be seen.

A return to a more traditional fantasy setting is something fans have long been calling for so they’ll likely be very happy with this, although the only thing we didn’t like was the awkward-sounding Xenoblade Chronicles style voiceovers.

There’s no indication of when the game will be out, but since the next news update won’t be until next year it’s clearly not any time soon.

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