Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets first patch, still doesn’t fix texture issues

Six months after it was released Final Fantasy 7 Remake has finally been patched, but it doesn’t fix the game’s most notorious problem.

When we reviewed Final Fantasy 7 Remake back in April we were very impressed by how well the game managed to update the beloved original, changing the gameplay and story in significant ways but still staying true to the spirit of the classic PlayStation 1 game.

There weren’t many problems but we did imagine that a weird glitch, where textures only appeared in their low resolution form, would probably be fixed with a day one patch. But it wasn’t. In fact there hasn’t been any patch at all until now, and it still doesn’t fix the issue.

It’s since been suggested that the problem is more complex than initially assumed, and to do with the unusual way in which Square Enix uses Unreal Engine 4. But whatever the explanation it’s still an irritating blemish in an otherwise great looking game.

What the update does instead isn’t clear as all the patch notes say is that they offer ‘various bug fixes’, which isn’t terribly helpful.

There’s some suggestion the patch may have been released early or in error though as it’s taking a peculiarly long time to be released worldwide, so perhaps there’ll be some proper documentation later.

Square Enix has been peculiarly quiet about Final Fantasy 7 Remake ever since its release though, with no indication of when the next chapter will be released or whether there’s going to be a PlayStation 5 specific version.

It’s estimated that at least three games will be needed to tell the whole story but so far there’s no confirmation of that or when to expect the next chapter.

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