Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Will Be A PS5 Exclusive For "At Least 6 Months"

Small print at the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade’s new trailer hints at when the game will finally be coming to other platforms.

The arrival of Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade is a little more than a month away. The next chapter includes a PS5 upgrade of the original game and an all-new episode called INTERmission. The new episode will be two chapters long and reintroduce Yuffie to the franchise. The final trailer ahead of Intergrade’s release dropped today as a part of a First Soldier presentation.

The small print included at the end of the trailer, which you can check out below, detailed when users of other platforms might be able to get their hands on Intergrade. As is still the case with the original, Intergrade will be a PlayStation exclusive. Well, it will actually be a PS5 exclusive since the additional content will not be coming to PS4.

According to the trailer, Intergrade will be “available on PS5 at least six months earlier than any other format”. That means those waiting for the game to arrive on Xbox Series X|S and PC will have to wait until at least the holiday season to see that happen. Possibly even longer than that based on the vague timeframe given in the small print.

FF7 Remake’s PlayStation exclusivity actually ran out earlier this year, but Square Enix is yet to release the game on any other platforms. It’s possible the exclusivity was extended with a view to Intergrade’s release, and that Square Enix is now waiting until the whole package can be released on other platforms so Xbox and PC users can play through the entire saga up until the end of INTERmission all in one go.

As well as new information about FF7’s upcoming mobile BR game The First Soldier, a little bit of extra info about Remake Part 2 was revealed during the stream. Apparently, it will have a very different feel to part one, Cloud is “running in the wilderness”, and production is going smoothly. It will also pick up right where Intergrade ends. Unless you downloaded FF7 Remake for free via PS Plus, the PS5 upgrade will be free when released on June 10, 2021. The INTERmission episode will be $19.99 when bought separately, or $69.99 for the whole bundle including the PS5 version of Remake.

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