Final Fantasy: 9 Characters Who Need Their Own Game

Final Fantasy, at the end of the day, is a franchise about stories. Narratives about wars between rivaling nations, of sacrifice and loss, and of evil gods and kings taking down teams with ambition. These are populated by characters that stick with us long after the game has ended.

Occasionally, Square Enix has released games that follow some characters before or after their primary story from the main games. Final Fantasy 10-2 follows Yuna and Rikku after FF10, while FF12: Revenant Wings follows Vaan and Penelo after the events of FF12. These games give fans a deeper look into these characters' stories and personalities. There are several others from the main games we'd like to see get their own title as well.

9 Sice (Final Fantasy Type-0)

Final Fantasy Type-0 attempts to manage one of the biggest rosters in the history of the franchise. How successfully it does that is up for debate, but at a very minimum, it can be agreed that with 14 students in Class 0, some of them didn't get nearly as much time in the spotlight as others did.

Sice is one of those characters. Her quiet and brooding personality makes her blend into the background, and it would be great to see her a little more. She wields a scythe after all, and very few other Final Fantasy protagonists come close to that level of cool.

8 Umaro (Final Fantasy 6)

This maybe isn't one that would come to many fans' minds, but it would be interesting, nonetheless. Umaro is an optional character from Final Fantasy 6, who your party will find deep in a frosty cave. He's a primal character, and not capable of speaking much, which is why it would be interesting to see what becomes of him after the events of FF6.

His development in the game more or less ends after you recruit him. Plus, Final Fantasy 6 is set in an amazing world, and I'm sure fans would be ecstatic to return to it, and the fantastically nostalgic battle system.

7 Aranea Highwind (Final Fantasy 15)

Aranea is a tough and layered side character in Final Fantasy 15. The game is a bit of a boy's club, which is rare for a franchise that has virtually always struck a decent balance between fleshed-out male and female characters in all previous entries.

A game in FF15's universe focusing more on Aranea, whether it be her history in an airborne unit of the Niflheim Empire or her future where she fights daemons in Lestallum, would be a wonderful addendum to Final Fantasy's newest world. There's certainly no shortage of material to draw from.

6 Kimahri (Final Fantasy 10)

Kimahri is stoic, tough, and mysterious. Those are always the types of characters the fans want to see more of. Kimahri's story from FF10 gets a lot more development in FF10-2, and reaches what could easily be considered a meaningful resolution. What would be most interesting as a game for Kimahri is a prequel.

We want to see Kimahri's life in the Ronso village that ultimately culminated in him being shamed and fleeing. Seeing the building blocks for what makes Kimahri so scarred and strong would be wonderful.

5 Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

If there was ever a character who needs an origin prequel, it is without a doubt Sephiroth. Not only would a game following Sephiroth's origin be a hit with the many FF7 fans out there, but it could also give an astoundingly human element to one of the most infamous antagonists in the franchise's history.

Sephiroth's early days of becoming a superweapon under Shinra and fighting in the Wutai War specifically could be a great backdrop. The main question is whether the game would be about the original Sephiroth or the remake's retconned Sephiroth.

4 Seifer (Final Fantasy 8)

The idea of playing as Seifer in his own game might disgust some Final Fantasy 8 fans, considering he's a fairly revolting character for most of the game. However, he does have something of a redemption arc by the end.

Considering he's one of the few other characters besides Squall to wield a Gunblade, it would be both fun and familiar to follow Seifer into whatever it is he decides to do after reconciling his negative feelings at the end of FF8.

3 Lulu (Final Fantasy 10)

Lulu's story post-FF10, like Kimahri, is fleshed out significantly in FF10-2. Lulu is also featured in the novel and audio drama that further develops the world and stories of FF10.

For her character, the most interesting game would likely be a prequel. Considering we know she went on two other pilgrimages before departing on Luna's, that history could be interesting to see.

2 Balthier And Fran (Final Fantasy 12)

While Vaan and Penelo's Final Fantasy 12 side game is great, it makes just as much sense that Balthier and Fran would get one of their own as well. While Vaan and Penelo's side game follows the characters after the events of 12, Balthier and Fran's game would probably be more interesting if it followed them before those same events.

The pair have a very interesting and long history. Seeing their very different backgrounds contrasted and culminating in the two meeting and becoming infamous sky pirates would make for a great game.

1 Vivi (Final Fantasy 9)

Vivi is more than just the fan-favorite of Final Fantasy 9, he's a fan favorite from the franchise as a whole. His visage is almost as iconic in association with FF as the Chocobos or even Cloud.

Vivi is a mysterious character. One who was created rather than born. There's not too much of a background to the character for developing a prequel, but a followup after the events of FF9 could certainly be done. Unless Vivi is dead, and there are theories that the monologue from the end of the game means just that.

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