Final Fantasy VII Remake: Every Weapon In The Game (& Where To Find Them)

Unlike in the original game where a weapon’s usefulness was primarily dictated by its attack stats and the number of materia slots that it had available, Final Fantasy VII Remake takes a more nuanced approach. Each weapon has its own unique ability as well as its own combination of active and passive battle perks. This allows for a wide variety of builds and provides a lot more incentive to collect them all than there was in the original release.

In total, there are 24 weapons scattered throughout Midgar; with each playable character having access to six. Although some are definitely better than others, they’ve all been designed with specific uses and situations in mind. Whether you’re looking to turn Barret into a close-quarters destroyer or make the most of Cloud’s balanced physical and magic stats, there’s a weapon for just about every situation.


Buster Sword – Focused Thrust [Unmissable]

This is the starting weapon for Cloud and will be unlocked at the very beginning of the game.

Iron Blade – Triple Slash [Unmissable]

You’ll receive this weapon as a story related reward from the weapon store owner during Chapter 3.

Nail Bat – Disorder [Missable]

The Nail Bat is a reward for completing the optional side quest “Kids on Patrol” in Chapter 8.

Hardedge – Infinity’s Edge [Missable]

You can purchase the Hardedge for 2,000 Gil from the weapon store in Wall Market during Chapter 9.

Mythril Saber – Blade Burst [Missable]

The Mythril Saber can be purchased for 3,000 Gil from the Wall Market weapon store in Chapter 14.

Twin Stinger – Counterstance [Missable]

Shortly after Red XIII helps you across the second set of test pods in Chapter 17, you’ll enter a room in which you need to defeat three waves of enemies. Immediately after leaving, you’ll find the Twin Stinger in a purple chest to the left of some metal stairs.


Gatling Gun – Focused Shot [Unmissable]

This is the starting weapon for Barret and will be unlocked at the very beginning of the game.

Light Machine Gun – Lifesaver [Unmissable]

You’ll be given the Light Machine Gun after completing the “To the Cargo Platform” objective in Chapter 6.

Big Bertha – Maximum Fury [Missable]

Big Bertha can be purchased for 2,500 Gil from the weapon store in Evergreen Park. You’ll need to wait until Chapter 13 before you can buy it though.

Steel Pincers – Charging Uppercut [Missable]

You can purchase the Steel Pincers for seven Moogle Medals from the Moogle Merchant in Chapter 14.

Wrecking Ball – Smackdown [Missable]

You’ll receive Barret’s Wrecking Ball for completing the “Subterranean Menace” side quest in Chapter 14.

EKG Cannon – Point Blank [Missable]

After speaking with the Mayor in Chapter 16, talk to Hart (the man outside the office) and he’ll ask you for 10,000 Gil. If you choose to hand it over, he’ll give you the EKG Cannon in return. You’ll only have one opportunity to buy it though, so be sure to have the funds available going in to the chapter if you want to avoid having to replay it.


Leather Gloves – Divekick [Unmissable]

This is the starting weapon for Tifa and will be unlocked in Chapter 3 when she joins the party.

Metal Knuckles – Overpower [Unmissable]

You’ll receive Tifa’s Metal Knuckles as part of the main story after defeating the Crab Warden boss in Chapter 5.

Sonic Strikers – Focused Strike [Missable]

While preparing for the Air Buster battle in Chapter 7, you’ll find the Sonic Strikers in a purple chest that’s located in one of the corridors connecting the terminal rooms. It’s on the B5 level next to some metal crates and is very difficult to miss.

Feathered Gloves – Starshower [Missable]

The Feathered Gloves can be a found in a purple chest in the first Aqueduct section in Chapter 10. After you drain the water, crouch under the newly opened gate to your right and you’ll see the chest directly in front of you.

Mythril Claws – Chi Trap [Unmissable]

You’ll receive Tifa’s Mythril Claws as part of the main story after defeating the Appendage boss in Chapter 13.

Purple Pain – True Strike [Missable]

Shortly after entering the Shinra building, you’ll reach a section where you’ll have to play as Tifa. After falling into the lobby, begin climbing again and continue moving forward until you reach a ladder. Instead of climbing it, however, look for some monkey bars to your right and use them to reach a hidden platform. Here, you should find a purple chest containing the Purple Pain.


Guard Stick – Arcane Ward [Unmissable]

This is the starting weapon for Aerith and will be unlocked in Chapter 8 when she joins the party.

Silver Staff – Sorcerous Storm [Missable]

After completing the “The Mysterious Moogle Merchant” side quest in Chapter 8, you’ll be able to purchase the Silver Staff from the Moogle Merchant for two Moogle Medals.

Arcane Scepter – Fleeting Familiar [Missable]

You’ll be given the Arcane Scepter for completing either “A Dynamite Body” or “Shears’ Counterattack” in Chapter 9. Which one you unlock will depend largely on a few key decisions that you’ll need to make at the beginning of the chapter.

Mythril Rod – Ray of Judgement [Missable]

During Chapter 11 while following the “Someone’s There” objective, you’ll reach a point where you’ll need to climb a ladder that’s over to your left in order to progress. Rather than climb it right away, you’ll instead want to follow the path to your right. Go through the train carriage and you’ll eventually come to a purple container that contains the Mythril Rod. This one is very easy to miss and you won’t be able to backtrack, so be sure to pay close attention if you want to avoid having to restart the chapter.

Bladed Staff – Lustrous Shield [Missable]

The Bladed Staff can be stolen during the battle with Eligor in Chapter 11. You’ll obviously need to equip the Steal materia before going into the fight, so make sure to do so immediately after the battle with the Ghoul.

Reinforced Staff – ATB Ward [Missable]

You’ll find the Reinforced Staff in a purple chest in the starting room of Chapter 17. It’s almost impossible to miss, although don’t worry too much if you do as it’s very easy to re-enter the chapter and pick it up later on.

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