Fire Emblem Engage: 7 Cutest Animals To Adopt

Fire Emblem Engage contains many features new to the series. One is the ability to explore battlefields after a fight, allowing players the chance to find and adopt animals to take back to the Somniel — the player’s home base. Even though Engage isn't a perfect game, the ability to adopt these animals with no limit definitely raises the enjoyment level by a significant amount.

While each animal gives different materials when on the farm at the Somniel, getting at least one of each animal is a good idea for players who want as many different materials and ingredients as possible. Some players instead only have one goal in mind: bringing the cutest animals back home.

7 Calisson Chicken

While there are many birds available to adopt within Engage, the Calisson Chicken ranks above almost all of them in terms of cuteness. Chickens are a popular animal within gaming and appear in many different RPGs—from the Zelda series to the Elder Scrolls, chickens are often seen and almost always memorable.

The Calisson Chickens aren’t particularly rare, but they are still a very cute addition to the Somniel for any player. While interacting with them here is much safer than in some of the aforementioned game series, the Calisson Chicken isn’t as cute as some of the other animals available in the game. Engage perhaps isn't the top Fire Emblem game of all time; however, adding chickens has to bump it to a higher place for some.

6 White Hop Rabbit

Rabbits are adorable, and the rabbits within Fire Emblem Engage are no different in that regard. Unfortunately, even when interacting with the Rabbits in the Somniel, they don't have much character to them compared to almost every other animal you can find; they slightly raise up on their back legs but sit back down almost immediately.

On top of that, they are noticeably one of the smaller animals and can be easily missed when running around as they just don't stand out. While they are cute, they shouldn't be a priority for those looking for the cutest animals available.

5 Tartu Flamingo

Within Engage, the Tartu Flamingo is probably the most exotic bird in the game. Available only on maps within the region of Solm, the Tartu Flamingo is one of the later additions to most players’ farms.

While the Tartu Flamingo isn’t the most regal bird you can adopt, it definitely holds the title of cutest. When interacting with it in the farm, it doesn't have any extra animations compared to other animals, but that doesn't hold it back at all. Even without having interesting variations, this animal still stands out as one of the cutest available.

4 Elyosian Sheep

The Elyosian Sheep is one of the only animals that isn’t identical to a real-world counterpart. Available in all regions of the continent of Elyos, it is one of the first of the rare animals players will encounter in the world. Like the donkey and camel that you can also adopt, the sheep is the only animal of its classification.

When interacting with the Elyosian Sheep, it gives a hearty bleat. Although this isn’t the most interesting interaction you can have with an animal, it does have a cute bleat and this, combined with the unique and fun design, makes the sheep a favorite amongst players looking to fill their farm in Engage.

3 Sommie

Although you don’t technically adopt Sommie, he is still considered an animal and you are still able to pet him like one. As the guardian of the Somniel, Sommie is actually available once the home base becomes available to you. He will let you feed him, dress him up, name him, and even pet him.

Between battles, players are able to earn Bond Fragments when feeding him for the first time. If his affection for the player gets high enough, Sommie will even help the player out during any of the numerous minigames located around the Somniel, including the ones that temporarily improve stats for a single battle. His affection will decrease over time if the player doesn’t remember to interact with him, however, so it’s a good idea to always stop by between fights.

2 Various Cats And Dogs

In addition to the incredibly varied allies available in Fire Emblem Engage, there are also a large amount of variations in both dogs and cats to adopt. There are eight different cats and three different dogs for players. While all three dogs can be found in any of the regions, only four of the cats can be found in every region.

The other four cats are named after the respective regions they can be found in — the Firenese Cat from Firene, the Solmic Cat from Solm, the Brodian Cat from Brodia, and the Elusian Cat from Elusia. Both the cats and dogs are incredibly cute with the dogs barking happily and the cats washing themselves when the player interacts with them.

1 Rutile Marmot

The Rutile Marmot, which can be discovered in Brodia after getting their donation level to level two at the Somniel, is easily the cutest animal in the game. While it can be argued that the cats and dogs in the game are just as nice, part of the marmot’s charm is its rarity.

Almost every other animal available to adopt is more common in the real world — such as plenty of people owning a cat/dog or having seen a sheep or donkey before. However, the marmot is something that is far less common. The Rutile Marmot is far and away the cutest animal in the game unless the developers decide to add more in future DLC updates.

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