Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 6 The Stolen Ring Walkthrough

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Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem Engage is a fun pressure release after the more brutal chapter that preceded it. Instead of being another battle where you are facing down an impending horde of bloodthirsty troopers, all the while puzzling out how to best approach them without taking heavy damage in the process, chapter 6 limits your access to information, and forces you to proceed with caution.

Of course, when your level's difficulty is largely predicated on hiding information from you, a guide is going to dramatically decrease that difficulty. Guilty as charged. We will provide you with all the locations of the different troops, and help you overcome this chapter without falling into any traps along the way.

Coming To Grips With The Darkness

Darkness isn't just something that exists in the heart of man, it is a big part of Engage's chapter 6 battle. There is a fog of war-style effect. Ending your turn beside the wall of darkness will reveal a few spaces in front of you. However, the better strategy is to light the braziers littering the battlefield, as they peel back the darkness considerably more. The deadliest aspect of the darkness is how it affects the danger radius. Because of the obscured stage, you will not be able to depend on the range indicators.

The darkness is peeled back once you end your turn. This means that you can walk straight up to an enemy unit, and you won't be able to see them until your turn is over. So, don't expect to attack with the character leading the charge.

Of course, the new character introduced in this chapter, Yunaka, also reveals a considerable amount when she enters into her Engage form. Though since she and Alear are separate from the rest of the party for the majority of the stage, this won't help the majority of your units. Generally speaking, a character like Vander, who has excellent mobility and takes hits well, will be extremely useful for players looking to push forward into the darkness.

The Mountain Settlement – Battle


6x Sword Fighters, 3x Thieves, 2x Archers, 7x Barbarians, 2x Mages, 1x Teronda

10 Units


Victory Conditions

Defeat Teronda


Hammer (taken from a Barbarian), Longbow (taken from an Archer)


★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

The most important thing to know here is that this stage has two lanes. The top lane is where Alear and Yunaka will spend most of their time. This is a pathway that bottlenecks constantly, as it is exactly one unit wide. You will want Alear to take the lead for his purpose. The top path does not intersect with the main path until the end of the stage, so Yunaka and Alear are largely on their own.

The one exception is Chloe. She can fly up and join Alear and Yunaka if you like. Though, in all honesty, she isn't really needed. They can handle the top lane easily enough.

As for the second lane, it runs down the center of the stage. If you head west with your main party, you will be traveling down the main path. There is a diversion that travels upward, and there is another westerly path that runs along the bottom of the screen, but there are both dead ends.

The Upper Path

So, for Alear and Yunaka, this is extremely straightforward. You will be traveling along a linear path. Have both of them enter into their Engage forms. This will eliminate the visibility issues. Alear should always take the lead. If he is in his Engage form, his evasion will be quite high, so he won't have an issue taking most of the troops here on head-first.

You will fight a Barbarian, then a Sword Fighter, then a Barbarian, followed by a Thief, followed by a Sword Fighter, and ending with another Barbarian. After you take out all of them, you will enter the path that intersects with the main path that your other units are traveling on. There will be two Sword Fighters and a Barbarian waiting for you here. But don't worry, you won't have to fight them alone, as by the time you get here, the rest of your army will be arriving as well.

Around the section with the Sword Fighter, you are able to get a little assistance from your main troop, as the upper path and center path are only divided by a wall.

The Dead Ends

Even though these places go nowhere, they do provide troops to kill, and power is a currency unto itself. Beyond that, each of these dead ends also holds a unit that will reward you with a special weapon once you kill them. From the starting position of your man party, you will be able to see a Sword Fighter positioned above you. However, what you can't see is the Barbarian positioned alongside them. If you like, you can just send Louis up there to clear them out. Killing the Barbarian will reward you with the Hammer.

As for the path at the bottom of the map (this is south of the brazier to the west of your starting party), you will find an Archer and a Barbarian down here. So, make sure you don't get Chloe too close to the bottom section of the map, as she is never more than an arrow shot or two away from death. Killing the Archer will reward you with the Longbow.

The Center Path

If you have completed the first paralogue, and have acquired Jean, then you will have more troops than the max number that are deployable on this stage. You should be able to make any party composition work here. So just follow your heart and use the troops you want to level up the most. Though, we will say this, it never hurts to have multiple healing units…

To the left of where your party starts, you will find one of those braziers. The first enemy you will fight as you head down this center path is a Sword Fighter. They will be backed up by a Mage and a Barbarian. The Mage is just a little north of the path. So, fight the Sword Fighter with one of your lance users, but preferably not Louis (as the Mage will mess him up). Chloe is your best bet. The Mage is tricky to take care of, as they are standing in the bushes, which gives them an absurdly high evasion rate. You are best off sending a mage unit to deal with them.

Once you have cleared out those three, the next section will bring you up against two Thieves and a Sword Fighter. None of these guys are super tough. However, once you push past them, you will be on the path that intersects with the upper path. Here there will be a Sword Fighter below and Barbarian up above. However, watch out, near where the Barbarian is positioned, there is a shadowy alley. An archer is hiding in here.

Each of the five wandering souls is worth 10 Bond Fragments each. The item on the ground is a Vulnerary.

Travel upward with your main party, and you will meet back up with Yunaka and Alear. Now, all that will remain is Teronda and a single Mage. Teronda has a hand axe, hits hard, and has two health bars. However, Alear can break him easily enough, and Celine's Warp Ragnarok will take out most of one of his health bars on its own. As long as you have been taking out his other troops as you go, he won't have much backup here (just a single Mage). So, you can sorta just dump on him with your entire force. He'll buckle pretty quickly.

Post-Battle Exploration

There are only two resources to find here: 50 Bond Fragments and 20 Iron Ingots. Both of these are right up against the house you will be standing beside once you enter into the exploration stage. Beyond that, you can do your usual rounds, talk to your peeps, and get more Bond Fragments while you are at it. The animals available for adoption here are the Southern Free Cat, Elyosian Dog, and Black Elyosian Dog.

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