Fire Emblem Heroes Gets New Story Chapter And Summoner Duels

Nintendo has a somewhat hesitant relationship with mobile games. The Kyoto company hasn't fully embraced the platform despite the vast commercial opportunities available via the mobile apps ecosystem. But its dipped its toes with the likes of Miitomo and Super Mario Run. But Fire Emblem Heroes marked a more ambitious mobile outing.

The free-to-start strategy and battle game was a clever take on Fire Emblem, retaining enough of the character and idiosyncracies of the beloved series, while shaving down the more complex aspects to suit mobile play. Reviewers thought the graphics were good and the story was slickly presented, but the grinding (and money grubbing) of the game's latter stages were off-putting. It was a simplistic Fire Emblem, all in all. But the latest update for Heroes offers new content to play with.

Fire Emblem Heroes' Version 6.0.0 introduces Book VI, which is a new story chapter for the game. Book VI touts a "rich new story" in which players can discover why Veronica has made a return. This update will go live from 11pm PT today. "As the Order of Heroes sets out to investigate a mysterious darkness plaguing a village in their homeland of Askr, they come across Princess Veronica, who reports a similar phenomenon happening in Embla," reads the official description for Book VI of the main story.

"With the assistance of a new ally in the form of Ash, retainer to the Divine Dragon Askr, Prince Alfonse and the others work to track down their suspected source of the encroaching dark: the dragon Embla," it continues. In addition, new competitive modes have been added to the game.

The Summoner Duels are a new mode in which players can face off against summoners from around the world in online synchronous PvP battles. Summoner Duels features a Free Duel mode where you can match up with specific players using a password, and a Practice Duel mode for those looking to give duelling a try as they face off against AI opponents. Summoner Duels can be accessed via the Coliseum.

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