First 13 Minutes Of The Callisto Protocol Leaks

Over ten days before its December 2 launch, the intro sequence of The Callisto Protocol has leaked on YouTube. Unfortunately, the leak is in horrendously low quality as it's a recording of someone playing it on a TV screen, but you can get a feel for the game with it. Spoilers below.

Spotted on ResetEra, the footage shows the game's title screen, initial settings, and then dives straight into the story with a character who looks like Karen Fukahara's Dani Nakamura wandering a deserted street littered with bodies.

A man attacks her before falling and writhing on the ground, clearly infected with something. This intro is revealed to be a news report of a "massacre on Europa," one of Jupiter's moons, but not Callisto, indicating whatever is going on in the Black Iron prison colony is spreading around the gaseous giant. Nakamura is labelled the terrorist leader of a group called Outer Way, blamed for these attacks.

We then see the cockpit of a spaceship headed for Callisto, with protagonist Jacob Lee, played by Josh Duhamel. The pilots argue about the job, transporting something between Callisto and Europa, but before we find out what the ship is boarded by an armed group led by Nakamura.

Jacob depressurises the cargo hold to try and vent the boarders as if they're AMong Us Imposters, and the ship crash lands on Callisto in the process. A Black Iron security guard and robots rescue Jacob from the wreckage, but he is then taken prisoner. So that explains how he came to be incarcerated in the maximum security moon jail.

Despite the homebrew recording method, the performances of the characters still come through strongly. There's no combat, but we've seen plenty of that in gameplay showcases.

Back in October, the game was canceled in Japan as developer Striking Distance refused to make changes to its gore to gain a classification. It was also reported in September that staff at the studio were crunching seven-day work weeks to get the game up to Glen Schofield's standards before launch, something Schofield has admitted shouldn't have happened.

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