First Teaser Image For Creative Assembly’s Upcoming FPS Includes A Lot Of Strange Sega References

UK-based developer Creative Assembly is looking for new talent, and in the studio’s latest call for applications, it has included an image teasing its upcoming FPS.  The game, which hasn’t been revealed to the public just yet, also seems to include several references to Sega properties.

Creative Assembly’s latest tease comes with the promise of making something “radically different in the FPS space” should you apply.  The studio has several listings for its new sci-fi FPS, but none that reveal much else about its upcoming project.

This morning’s tease included a shot from the window of a spaceship, and Sonic is floating out above earth. There’s also a giant Sega logo tucked away on the shelves, but other references are more subtle, like the bananas sitting out to represent Super Monkey Ball or Cassette Tapes for Jet Set Radio. There’s also a little BAFTA head and stickers of awards the studio has received, the image just appears to be a celebration of all things Sega/Creative Assembly.

News on Creative Assembly’s unnamed FPS has been scarce, but a Sega executive confirmed back in December of 2020 that the game was still in development. However, as highlighted by PC Gamer, the job postings seem to indicate this IP belongs to Creative Assembly, so perhaps it’s time to let go of your hopes for Alien: Isolation 2, or at least for now.

Earlier this month, our very own Cian Maher had the opportunity to speak with Creative Assembly on Total War: Warhammer 3, revealing how the new domination battles work. Creative Assembly was able to open a third UK studio after the success of Total War Saga.

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